Zangief is for da nublets

I fight a lot of zangiefs and have a few on my friends list, they can beat me and a crap ton of good fighters with there giefs, but the moment they switch to anyone else they are shit and can’t do a simple link… i mean i can beat em out with light punchis.

I was just wondering if the gief forum think that the majority of giefs are scrubs, i rarely ever fight a good gief, most kids just pick gief because hes an easy character to wreck wit.

I just think you suck against Zangiefs…

zangief rape noobs, simple as that.
if you keep getting raped by "scrub zangief players"
that means you are a noob of the noobs.
simple and true.

lol i knew da giefs would defend him, as for being a scrub, i could be im only a 2000 pp scrub, but i see kids who are like 3000 pp or higher get rocked by giefs that are fucking horrible and i know there great.

no matter what i say you scrubs will defend your special character, only a moron couldnt see that giefs nub friendly.

he certainly requires less execution and mechanical skill than most other characters, so of course a gief mainer will struggle their first time playing another character, but the same thing would happen to you if you tried to play gief with no experience.

I don’t play SSF4…let alone Zangief.
I just call it as I see it.

lol the giefs i see rocking kids mostly do a guessing game, they can make mistakes cuss of his health, and his amazing AA rocks any jump ins… im sure if i trained with gief for a week i would rock anyone whos better then me.

simple fact is his anti airs and his health with the guessing game is a nub magnet, ty tho for not being a fag who flames cuss i down talk there character, at least you had an opinion.

This guy made the exact same thread in the T Hawk forum a while back.

Get over it man, grapplers are here to stay.

how do I beat s.MP

you use dudley? your s.HP should work, your welcome!

yes sir

Zangief is definitely not an easy character to just pick up and play. You really need to get into your opponents head and make them want to block to win as gief, as with any grappler I guess. You got outplayed, nothing to be ashamed about or anything, just learn the matchup like any other.

“I fight a lot of zangiefs and have a few on my friends list, they can beat me…”
"…i rarely ever fight a good gief…"

You’re an idiot.

As I said, the only thing this Blaziner can prove is he is a noob of the noobs.
because only noob lose to noob zangief, especially lose to those who only know ppp or 360.

my nub friend is a 3000pp zangief and a 500 pp anything else, no link’s no hit confirms, no OS, I beat his second main (seth) with lp’s.

lol you only disagree because gief is your character or because its the popular consensus on the forum.

what does beating someone second character prove? Im very goodat the game but if i switch characters id get rocked, because i only practice 1 character. does that mean i suckbecause i decide to put most of my energy into my main?

lol i can beat his second main (who he practices with a lot) with a character i have never used before… he is horrible, plain and simple, but he uses zangief and plays a guessing game, and he wins because his character does more damage and has more health, plus he has a few good tricks. If i counter pick his gief with blanka i just need to do blanka balls and i win, he automatically loses on a counter pick.

im done arguing with u fanboys this is clearly a waist of time.

Blaziner made a similar rant thread about T.Hawk. :rofl:

lol fanboys? i dont even play geif…but i guess its just easier to call people fanboys when they disagree with you…and again how is he horrible when he beats you, that just means hes better then you. you keep bringing up beating his second character like that means somthing.

lol bad giefs are freeeeee
also, gief is probably one of the hardest characters to play.
(guy players opinion)
Edit: second line is talking about at a high level