Zangief is NOT a Turtle

I played a somewhat high ranked Gief (11000+ gps) the other day who decided that after I got the life advantage, it would be best to stay a full screen away and wait for me to come to him. When I didn’t, he started throwing taunts. Finally, with 20 seconds left, he finally came after me, but it was too late. So I win by time out.

Second round, same shit.

So after the much, I get bombed with messages about how I am a scrub and a noob, and only noobs win with timeout.

morale of this story? YOU AREN’T A TURTLE. I WILL NOT COME RUNNING UP TO ZANGIEF, EVER. If you wanna hide a whole match, please do not bitch and whine when you lose simply because it didn’t work.

Well, it depends on the match. Sometimes, Zangief has to turtle. For example, I find no need to be aggressive against Blanka or Cammy. I got hate mail from a Blanka that was mad at me for not wanting to play into his game of trying to rush him down. I also got a disconnect from a Cammy once because I would just block his drills and punish him. I’m also pretty careful against Rogs because he can easily beat me in the air and out poke me with his sweeps. There’s more than one way to play a character.

I also love it when the other guy is running away from me for 90 seconds of the match when he has a life lead and I catch up with him and get a life lead myself, run away, and win by time out. That’s the best. I don’t get mad at people running away from me. That’s typically the best strategy against Zangief.

well i don’t consider my gief much of a rush down character unless hes working off a knockdown of course. but when i get a a life lead, i definitely will tone down my offense a bit and let them come to me. most characters don’t like to be forced into up close and personal battles with gief, especially when they have to force the action. but yea, if your losing, then you have to take risks and try to get inside, which mostly favors the other character.

And time wins aren’t cheep, they are part of the game and if you cant manage the clock, that’s your fault.

unless its a ranked match and you don’t notice that the other guy set it to 30 seconds and 1 round… THAT is the definition of SCRUB!!

Yea, I cant hate on players for running away. People thinking Zangief players have it easy, but we have to deal with that shtuff all the time. Its not easy having to chase people around when you are the BOSS Zangief.

I only have to end up playing the life lead for players that have good reveral styles, like a really good Cammy, pretty much anyone that is good with a non-projectile based character.

Turtling with Gief vs projectile characters always leads to a last second loss due to time out to some bull crap at the end. Its also annoying playing the dodging game for 80 seconds. Just let him get used to shooting them bad boys, if he will make 1 mistake then you can end that junk.

People send hate mail about everything it is so annoying. I got 9 messages from this one guy cuz i wasn’t responding to him. He picked vega and kept wall diving so I just started doing lairat and trading half of them and playing a little bit of footies. Then he was hating on me doing lairat all day and punishing his ground game. When the people that complain about Lairat all day are the same ones doing TIGER TIGER TIGER, HK HK, or Blanka Balls the whole match. Just trying to take advantage of Giefs big frame.

Hey man if I’m up on a life lead against a character who either doesn’t have safe chip moves (ie projectiles) or whose projectiles alone can’t chip me enough to kill me (like if I have a huge life lead or if the opponent is far away and I can just neutral jump over or lariat through), why shouldn’t I turtle? If you have the life lead, then yeah, I can’t turtle, but why wouldn’t I turtle on Rufus or Dictator if I get a big lead?

this is funny, I’ve been maining Vega for for months, and I know exactly how to fight Geif, which is hard because Vega cant really attack Geif head on. The funny thing is that against most of the characters, Geif is in a similar predicament but he actually has the stamina to make it a little easier.

I’m starting to use Geif more and more, but my biggest hurdle is forcing myself not to rush people and to play like I play Vega. I’m STILL trying to get new geif basics down.

turtling is part of the game…people are soo used to giefs chasing them that when he doesnt, they dont no what to do…but to call you names… :frowning:

the worst i am facing now is the runaway ryu. that is annoying. 50975 hadoukens and a few tatsus for 4 and 1/2 min. zzzzzzz. it works though, cant complain.
turtle when you have to. and run away when you have to.
let the weak cry,HAHAHAHAHA(like i do when this happens to me)

It doesn’t work. Headbutt will stuff an escape Tatsu. They’ll get really scared of trying it again out of fear of stun.

I keep trying to remember to go Defensive when I have a 50% life lead.
Or often when theyre almost dead I get that berserker bloodlust rage.
Like when Akumas almost dead, just doing jab hands and eating fireballs to try and get him. Cost me a couple matches but usually it works out for me. But im playing online punks only so far.

You can’t predict when they’ll throw out that escape hurricane- the levels are long enough that even one successful escape hurricane out of the corner will give ryu ~10 sec of extra running. Headbutt is nice, but you have to know exactly when, because if you don’t time it right you’ll get hit by the hurricane, or worse (some will dash lp srk -> ultra). You’re right- with cammy and blanka you can wait for the action to come to you, but thankfully cammy and even blankas lately seem rare (online). About 9 out of 10 matches I’m lumbering towards the other side trying to guess when they’ll decide to attack… it’s the kind of thing that makes me want to play a fast, agile character (c viper comes to mind), but I’m just not that good. Especially snoozer guess-the-angle fights against gouken/akuma, and of course sagat/seth- it just makes me want to switch off gief for a bit.

How to turtle

Speaking of turtling with gief how do you turtle with him im not sure what to do i kinda end up eating some hits when i turtle and idk why i know im doing something wrong but what?

First off, turtling doesn’t mean holding db the whole time. Turtling means making a point to avoid damage or bad positioning. I just started playing gief, I really don’t know him well, so ppl feel free to help me out here, but some of gief’s best turtling moves seem to be:
ppp lariet (kkk to avoid low hits)
c lp
c mp for AA, seems better against certain jumping attacks that beat ppp lariet
ex gh
s mp <—this is a great counterpoke

He’s not a turtle, He’s a Russian.

Russian him down!

Exact same thing happened to me the other day in championship mode, I had a life lead, and the gief was waiting in the corner… like I’m gonna try rush him down _

anyway, he rage quit on me before the 2nd round started

probably the same guy. I meant to check to see if he posted here.

anywho, the more I read this, the more I realize that Gief needs to have his glowing fist reflect projectiles, like the older games. Either that or let his super armor absorb THREE hits before breaking.

I was thinking about that a couple days ago. That would be too cheap though if his EX RBG could take 3 hits, and with the damage that stuff does. People would be getting pummled by it all day.

But I do agree that they should have made his G.Hand a little bit mo betta vs projectiles like they used to. It was so easy to absorb in SFA3.

Now you have to play psychic Gief in order to gain any noticable advantage from absorbing projectiles.

Gief is an awesome turtler, as long as you get a decent life lead at the start. Definitely throws people off.

my best turtle games are when i make them think that i am still on the attack and not turtling. i still move aroung alot when i turtle(life lead turtle).
than there is turtling someone who is bulldoggin you. the good thing is they have to keep getting close to you.

yeah big guess about ryus excape tatsu. ive played this match quite a few times now and even when i know what is going on it is still hard to stop.
does he suck? or is he trying to train me?? or this his entire gameplan for gief?
good thing about this ryu is he is easy to get into the corner,just cant let him out. and he wants out REALLY bad

Funny that some of you guys mentioned this. I main Ryu and I just played a Zangief. At first I was kind of aggressive and stayed in his face, then he really put a hurting on me and I was like “screw it, I just want to win”. So I spend the rest of the game throwing 1,000 fireballs and air tatsu out of corners. I even built up a super bar to bait a jump and land the super on his way down.

He actually got to me a few times in the 2nd round and made it close, but ultimately I won. After I start my next match I noticed the guy sent me a message. I figured he wasn’t happy about me running away. After I win my current match I check it out and he called me a “pussy runaway” with some other words added to it. I’m not the kind to rub it someones face so I didn’t reply.

Honestly, I hate turtling. I play aggressive against just about everybody in the game except Zangief because his moves have so much priority. I mean what am I suppose to do against a crouching Zangief? Jump, get lariat’d, walk up to him and get the green hand. No thanks, I’ll going to run and shoot instead, and fly a bit when cornered.