Zangief Match Up help!

Hi! I just recently picked up Feilong and the biggest problem i have is fighting Zangief, how do i fight this match up! Thank You

IMO this is a easy match once you bully geif to the corners and your poles are superior. Take your time even waste it. Besides that crap I just posted what’s you’re problem with him

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Most of Zan Gief’s game is 2 get close to u right . u gotta just keep m out .so say n that, here s how, Zg has about 5 ways to get close to u (1).jumping in ( so flame kick but if his Ultra 2 is flare n just use S hk even S mk works. hk is better.
(2). green hand’s frame data is - 7 for lp , - 8 mp , - 9 hp & ex if u blocked it
if he hits u its - 5 lp, - 6 mp, - 7hp, + 1 ex ( so u can punish any 1 of these accordingly except ex
but here is where it gets good
the recovery frames for Zan gief is horrible if he whiffs
21 lp, 22 mp, 23 hp, 27 ex so u can use just about any thing that reaches his bully ass
(3) . traveling normal’s cr hk , standing hk & cr mk
standing hk is - 2 if block so jump up, up back, or dash or flame kick .Zan Gief’s recorvery is 16
now there are 2 types of cr hks
first the normal cr hk - 5 on block 18 recovery then df cr hk - 14 on block 22 recovery ( df hk = the difference is the head and total body be n lower and stretched out further and body closer to the ground)
cr mk -5 on block 15 recovery
(4) dashing in, but come on just move away
(5) and for the more patient player inching in slow towards u ! so ur footie better be good along with be n elusive
ps . wayne u gotta own ur space dont let him bully u backwards and if u gotta life lead relax dont over do it. If ur online (good luck) this whole strat dosn"t work as well lag is Fei’s worst enemy lol.
If u didnt know ur frame data here’s a start
fei start ups for some basic attacks
lp rekka 7 st ,mp 9 st, hp 10 st , ex 7
all flame kicks 5 start ups
chicken wings lk 14 , mk 16, hk & ex 18 start ups
use normals like cr mp 4 st + 2 ( u can dash away) even if blocked is a good poke but move around dont stay still all the time be random !
but you can use other normal also but you gotta know ur spacing.
i know all this is easier said than done but perfect it in the training room . remember ppp lariats = - 44 on block 14 recovery , kkk lariats - 22 on block 14 recovery pay attention to what he says on ppp its like AWE YEAH(english ver) when he gets to the Yeah its ok to hit him and .kkk he say Eh Re YAh wait for him to say Yah then hit him. and if you don"t believe me try it in the train room first.

best tool you have against gief pokes, is crhp, crouchin mk(goes under his standing mp), make him respect your range, don’t jump on him, don’t use chicken wing, it’s very easy to interupt them because lariat is only one button press reversal, use spaced rekka, don’t do 2 rekka on block, you have to hit confirm, it’s a difficult fight, because you have to be perfect, if you do one mistake, eat a 360 or ultra, it’s gonna be very hard to make a come back because feilong has no comeback potential, and gief is defensively a monster…

As a Gief player I’ll offer some perspective from the other end, Gief tends to play fairly defensively, he’ll counter-attack, wait for you to make a mistake and punish it, your best bet is to use your own pokes and bob and weave, you’ve got a far superior wake up game and there are a few frame traps you can get as his pokes tend to be slow (just watch his meter, his EX SpD has massive priority). Gief he has multiple ways to punish you if you’re reckless, that’s his thing, he gets hit and hits back. As an example, Gief generally wont mind trading with you using PPP lariat so you need to be careful jumping into him, even if he’s crouched as you’ll take more damage from a trade than he will.

Remember and use St.HK as your go to AA. It’s better than flame kick in most situations. Also standing fierce is a brilliant normal for keeping gief at bay. Don’t let him get away with meter building, figure out the timing on the Lariat and rekka or CW once it’s finished it’s active frames. (You can actually Super the Lariat also)

U2 can be handy in this match up, It’ll save a few bad cross up situation that will get you killed in an instant. Back dashing will alway’s be a problem for gief, so make him aware that your not scared to back dash and you’ll find they are less likely to SPD. It’s better than neutral jumping, especially if gief’s running U2.

If you manage to back throw gief, a safe jump J.HP will not loose to lariat. I think it might even beat it clean. It’s in Neville’s lab thread.

Jump HP needs to watch out for the block as he can punish it, he can also cross up with his Ex GH.

You need to watch that he doesn’t back dash as well, a lot of players underestimate the range on SPD and Gief can backdash and grab them with it, you don’t want that as then you’re in his vortex where he will toss you around the stage like a little girl while you try to force your way back into the match with a health disadvantage.

It’s a tough match, I think it’s probably still in Fei’s favour but it’s not and easy match by any means, you really have to be on your toe’s the whole time. You can be cruising against gief and next minute your dead.

It’s not a hard match once you have a good gameplan. Stay outside of normal range and cr jab xx rekka everything he does. Walk him into the corner so he can’t pin you. Stay at a safe distance and counter poke everything he does. All he can do is jump (ex fk or st rh to counter), lariat (either counter rekka or do nothing) or whiff a move (cr jab xx rekka punish). Don’t get impatient and you’ll win, get that life lead and make him start making mistakes. If he jumps from far, don’t try to make him land on cr normals as his empty jump spd will eat it all, so just walk back safely and punish if he whiffs spd. Good luck.