Zangief Match Up Thread



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Throw sonic booms, stay out of jump range. Try not to throw too much because he has ex spd. Use upside down kick as a meaty if you think he might try to wake up with super. As long as you keep your distance this match up is in your favour. If he does get in remember you have ex flash kick to get him off you again.


I don’t think this is 7:3 or anything but it’s definitely in Guile’s favor. Gief has a really hard time getting in and Guile can also meaty pressure him in this game in addition to the usual zoning. Probably 6-4, maybe 6.5-3.5. We’ll see.


Personally, I think this match-up sucks balls for Geffa. Worse than usual, I mean. I feel sorry for most of my Zangief opponents. Like there’s actually fuck-all he can do. None of his jump-ins work and his ground advance is so weak without green-hand. Poor bastard.


Unless gief has V-Trigger suction ready to activate you have nothing to fear. If you memorize the range where this can affect you then this problem becomes less of a threat, he still has to come to you.

And not only that but his suction is buggy at times, I’ve gotten caught by it and got him with back fierce out of panic before.


The only problem you are going to run into is match experience because there are very few good Zangief players online imo.


Doyanbo and itazan played a 20ish game set last night and I recorded a 12-7 victory for Doyanbo/Guile. Doyanbo started out fast winning 3-1, 3-1 before falling behind 2-4 then recovering with 4-1 to finish out the set. Both players played at a high level and being the top japanese mains of each it’s a good barometer to me to gauge this matchup as 6-4 in favor of Guile. WU CA chip damage isn’t an option as Gief can just do the spinning lariat through it. What amazed me was some of itazan’s setups and how fast he can pile on 70% damage. There were a few times he was one hit away from losing a game with doyanbo sitting on 65% health only to get cornered and lose within 2 or 3 setups. Gief’s air pile driver also was pivotal in catching Guile trying to jump back and escape wakeup pressure.


Anyone have the frame data of Gief vtrigger on block? Can Guile punish him?


Pretty sure Gief is safe from anything on blocked VT. He can block anything I retaliate with at least