Zangief Match-Ups Thread



Looks like an impossible match. 9-1/10-0 in sim’s favor easily.
Gief has nothing to boost him forward and Lariat lost all it’s invulnerability making catching limbs insanely hard to impossible. Sim also can rush the shit down free.


Usually, dhalsim will mass his punch so you can jumping hk to his aim, it requires a little bit of timing but worth to try.


Can’t you just headbutt his limbs, or EX Bear Grab through a grounded read?


I feel like everyone can rush Gief down pretty easy now since SPD has such shitty start up now besides EX. I really hope capcom makes him stop sucking eventually with Super Mega Hyper SFV Arcade Edition 2019


Sim is even. The game obviously has to mature but the fact that he does not have an answer to light normals in the poke game and upclose makes really tough for him to escape and comfortably zone.

F.A.N.G is tougher but when he gets knocked down, hes just as free.


all SPD are 5frames, even EX SPD and it has no invincible frames or armor. Use more V-reversal that’s your own chance to get out of Karin’s “Kanzuki’s hell of pressure”.


You cannot rush geif down. the first of getting thrown is still there. We just need to have real defense and not rely on reversals and jabs to get us out of sticky situations. Guessing on an opponents offense works both ways

Save V meter for ex reversal to get them off of you, because when you do and it connects, they are in a throw mix-up.

Bear grab has armor btw, we dont just have SPD at our disposal.


V-Reversal. Gief gains V meter ridiculously fast with his V-Skill. If you’re getting rushed down and killed before you can even get a bar of V meter, then you need to play better. But in my matches (and not saying I’m gdlk cause I’m not) I almost ALWAYS have a V bar. If I block a jump-in I wasn’t expecting or get swept and put in a mixup, I block and VR that shit.


This Sim match up needs to die.


Try crouching medium punch seems to beat his light attacks. People keep forgetting about the priority system heavies beat mediums, mediums beat lights. Sim really doesn’t seem that bad to me. Nacalli on the other hand is very difficult for me right now. After a stomp he can back dash for free. Anyone got any tips


As LoyalSol has said, you can use V-skill to catch his limbs. You can use medium and heavy bear grabs to catch his TP on his wakeup.


Seriously though, how do you beat the banana?


Ok…all other match ups seem pretty decent if controlled effectively (EVEN SIM) but I came across a Rashid who just spammed qcf.Lk and qcf.Hk and when I finally got in he just V Skilled out of there.
I could not do anything. Even J.SPD couldnt hit him as he was always covered by a fireball.

It wasn’t as if I wasn’t patient, in fact one of the games timed out but OMFG that match-up is hard if played in that manner

Any tips?


Parry and Headbut to deal with fireballs really helps in this matchup, parry at distance and Headbutt in sweep range.
for the VSkill him jumping away, it is easy to react with jumping jab as that comes out in 5 frames and has a great hit box.


For nearly every matchup J.LP and st.lp will just put a stop to any shenanigans someone is trying to do.


Who here can help this guy out in learning frame rates and such? Z is my main and it is so hard at this point without the use of GH. I, too ended up trying to use GH a few times. GaH!!


Geif Dhalsim is 5/5 A majority of matchup problems can be solved from using Jab more.

Get this fucking SF4 logic out of your heads. Stop letting an old game influence your opinions on a new game. I know its hard, but you just have to.


Yup. Trying to forget IV. Used a lot of jabs and works well. Just have to utilize it better and play a bit more defensively.


Struggling hard vs vega. Any tips?


Have not faced a Vega yet. Lots of R. Mika and Rashid today. One Bison and shotos. But I’ve won 7 in a row so far. Not too shabby for a noob like myself. The headbutt is so useful guys. Use it.