Zangief Online vs. Offline

As an 100% online player, i still am a bit new to exactly how lag affects combos.

If you link properly on your screen, can the opponent still reverse due to lag? Wasnt quite sure how it worked. I know the game speed seems to change sometimes, perhaps this is causing my linkage problems??

As a second question, in this kind of lag environment, are there combos that are more safe for zangief to do without risking spam reversals?

I want to poke myself in the eye when chained jabs get broken… :annoy:

link combos are link combos, they however are not block strings. If your getting reversed, its because you didn’t link well, or your using it like a block string. I would honestly avoid doing long links period…especially with the increased difficulty of the combos…tag a Go for knockdown, the extra damage from additional are not worth it if you have a POS connection.

If your timing isn’t great and you’ve been ‘mashed dped’, bait it the next time, watch the DP go up, hit taunt, then cancel into ultra shrug.

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