Zangief partner thread



Feel free to comment who’s your zangief partner and why you chose it.

Actually I have no fix partner but likes to play:


I choose them because basically do enough damage and it’s easy to get close.


I kind of want to pick up gief to run on a secondary team, so I’ve been trying him out with a few people. Currently settled on Bipson, who has the mobility/pokes/meter building game in which gief is a bit lacking. I’m currently runnign bison with 3 blue gems as well, so there’s always a ton of meter to go around. He also has a much easier time getting around projectiles, which I think you kind of need. Gief in turn can compliment bison, because bison really can’t do very much against people who just hold down-back.

My main team is vega/hwoarang and I think that both these guys could quite easily work with gief as well. I’m thinking of trying to pick up maybe Julia or Raven, and then pretty much all of those characters can mix and match with each other quite well to cover various matchups.


I just replaced vega for zangief as my secondary. I run a guile/zangief now. Vega was too similar to guile for me, but I’m loving the guile/zangief combo, so in theory your vega/zangief might be pretty fun too!


Yeah I was considering guile/gief, but I really don’t have the patience to play guile well, haha. I’m just generally bad with projectile characters, never managed to get the hang of zoning with them.

My one worry with bipson/gief is damage output, since neither really hits all that hard compared to say heihachi or king, who are just monstrous when they get their offense going. Guess we’ll see.


I tried to play with ken. it’s not bad:

cross up tatsu , , tatsu HK , mp+mk ,(za) jf.hp , hp+hk, (ken) cr.hp ,dp hp.

I took arround 480 HP and left foe on the corner (w/ 1 bar)! pretty fun!


I’ve been trying akuma/gief since king just wasn’t cutting it out for me. Akuma can get in easily and tagging into gief won’t be a big problem with far or srk. I haven’t played around with this team a whole lot yet so I’ll see what I can do with it later.


I assume everyone’s running gief as an anchor character, so he can come in off a tag and start mixups? Sucks that he can’t get a hard knockdown from his tag in combos, though.


1st character launches, into sweep.


I tag 'Gief up with Marduk since I’m more the heavy hitter type. Both have some mean punishments and atm I’m working of a way to close a 20 hit-so combo with both of them.


Do you have troubles with zoners ?


All the opposite, I usually have trouble with runners (like Juri or Claw), but if I wait enough for them to corner themselves, I can take the upper hand.


Interesting… can you upload some matches ?


ASAP because I don’t have a pc recorder, my webcam is broken and recording with my celphone is as smoothly as recording with a calculator, but I’ll try.


XD LOL XD… i’ll try marduk as partner today. I hope good results !


I usually pair him up with hugo. I just like that wrestler mix, and Zangief is awesome vs fbs

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Im looking for a partner for gief that could beat sim and gief. I’ve been using guile, but he doesn’t really destroy sim or gief.

So what char do you guys have problem with when playing with gief? Imo sagat, raven, juri and maybe ryu are the hardest match-ups. So which of these chars beat dhalsim? Sagat loses imo, but I have no clue about sim vs juri etc.


Well to beat gief you just need some decent zoning and anti-air. I WOULD recommend Ryu (I use him because he is pretty easy to work with and one hell of a battery), however Rufus is a really good match for him as well. Rufus has some safe anti-airs and he can get in decently well.


I had same question…

my answer: Kazuya

Against za, just try neutral jump hk, st. hp,
i don’t consider that zoning is the way to stop zangief.

And dhalsim never was a dificult match for me… any no-gief character can come relatively easy.


by the way , i’m also searching for other (kinf of) anti-poke or release pressure character.


I really am enjoying Zangief/Ryu as they compliment each other so well. Especially Ryu with his damage output, zoning and anti airs. Also, EX SRK tag in Lariat does a silly amount of damage!