Zangief players



only post here if you play zangief consistently. we will trade tips and

strategies. find out how to beat top tiers,etc.

 i'll start it off.

  i  play zangief in K-groove most of the time because rage mode can help his already good power.  jd in K-groove helps immensly 

against players like hibiki and cammy, who will poke the livin sh-t out of you. also jd will annoy people who like to throw projectiles all

day. bottom line with a K-groove zangief is you really need to make skilled use of jd to be competitive against top players.

     also take light in the fact that most people fear Zangief. some people get 

nervous when they see him,so you might can get in their head some.


My breakdown of moves for A-Zangief can be used for other grooves as well, in many cases.


I play gief in C-Groove only because I’m used to C-Groove more than any other groove.

but no matter what happens, it ends up a footsie game. like you said people are totally terrified of zangief. so no one wants to get in close. throwing projectiles doesnt work since you have your lariat.

i just try to punish whiffs with crouching HP and projectiles with roll, then grab.

if i ever jump in, i either open jump in to roundhouse grab. or j.roundhouse to roundhouse grab. normally they block the jumping roundhouse and i get the grab.

  if i play zangief on a team of three i usually pair him up with raiden and honda(c-groove). if i play zangief on a team of two i pair him up with geese howard(k-groove)usually

btw, i usually do the running grab after a jump in too. especially if they are in a corner,i will do zangief's body splash(jump down+hp)and then quickly buffer the 360+k motion. they usually fall for it since they are holding back on the block. 

 another good move to use after the body splash is the kkk lariat. it will combo if the splash is done slighty deeper than usual. this probably best used in the corner too,as with all combos.


thing about the kick lariat after the jump in is, the kick grab does way more dmg. so, i just stick with the grab. normally, right when they block the roundhouse, i start doing the 360 motion, so the animation goes directly to it, and some people get confused with how im in the air one frame, and in a grab animation the next.

my team right now is zangief/xx (normally rolento or yama)/sagat R2


i’ve been dominating lately with c-groove gief.
any jump in a punish with an RC lariat. rarely almost never i use c. mp. safe and invincible for a couple frames.

i have several air approaches:
from long distance i will do a superjump fierce, has amazing range and can be buffered to the running kick grab. ideal when the opponent is cornered.

from mid range i will do a early mk, used to stop any air approach the opponent has, if whiffed i go directly into the spd. if it hits i do the kick grab.
from close range i would just cross up with the down+fierce body splash to sweep, or short, lariat. sweeping is more ideal because you can set up another wake up.

if crossing up is too dangerous, you can jump straight up and and do a fierce holding left or right, his fist extends pretty far, and i usually just do a jump up+fierce first (headbutt fierce move), they see that and they can’t anticipate the range of the left/right+fierce.

if im too far to setup a jump in kick grab, i usually hop and do a c. fierce. the range is amazing and the opponent will get hit majority of the time. if they know you like to fierce them on wake up their only counter is to shoryuken, so if you fake and get them to whiff that, free punishment.

jumping with c-groove gief is incredibly safe, more dangerous when close honestly, but if youre that close anyway just spd them. rc lariat is overpowered.
if you airblock an air attack, you get perfect set up for spd, if they know you can do that off the block, have them whiff their shoryuken and punish.