Zangief questions


Note: This is my first post in this forum - I’m not entirely sure I have all the protocol correct, and if there’s anything I’ve learned from other forums, it’s to get a good answer you have to ask the question right. So please correct me if I break any etiquette here.

I’m a semi-newbie at Street Fighter IV (I grew up on fighting games, but never studied them seriously until recently). I’ve gotten pretty good with Zangief in a short period of time, but there are a few things I still struggle with.

I know how to do the Lariat -> EX Cancel -> EX Hand, but I can’t get it consistently. Anyone have any tips on nailing that one? I don’t even think about trying it online because I screw it up too frequently.

I read in the wiki here about punishing Dragon Punches with a block and a SPD when they land. Any time I try that the opponent always recovers too fast - I see the animation for the SPD start (yes, I know how to do SPD’s without jumping), and then they stuff it. Usually with a low poke.

Also, I’m not sure if this is the place to post this - but I have a question about buying a stick. I really want an X-Arcade tankstick now that you can use them on Xbox 360, but since I got so serious about SFIV, I don’t want to learn on something that will do me no good at a tournament. Anyone have suggestions on X-Arcade sticks vs the official TE fightstick?


I wouldn’t worry about Lariat->FADC-> EX Hand. I have only seen this combo done in combo videos. It doesn’t have much use in tourney play. It costs a lot of meter for little damage and knockdown. The main combo you should be worrying about is mainly

cr. LP, cr. LP, cr. LP, delayed standing LK into EX Green hand

This is your basic Gief bnb. At any time you can stop doing cr. LPs and go into an SPD.

For punishing those DPs, you will just have to time the SPDs earlier, I guess? It definitely isn’t too hard. You should set up a training mode dummy to do a shoryu, then immediately jump. Try to punish his shoryu with an SPD.

However, you shouldn’t really be punishing shoryus with SPD. Try punishing it with Gief’s SPD + Kick move. It does more damage, gets you a free EX stock of meter, and sets up a crossup so that you can put them in more guessing games.

Also, I have heard nothing but bad things about the X-Arcade sticks. They use shitty parts and are not used by tournament players. The TE is cheaper than ever, you can find it for $99 at a lot of sites, and it is literally the tourney standard for sticks right now. Get a TE if you want to get serious about SF.


If your new to the SF scene, then you might have to be introduced to MarioDude and if I could give any advice it would be to TAKE his advice.
Probably one of the most entertaining matches I have EVER watched

MarioDood… sorry I am posting this match. But it was a very very good match.


I have no real inputs on Zangief but I can tell you this much:

Buying an X-Arcade stick will be probably one of the worst decisions you can ever make in your life. Not only is the tankstick just not portable, you’ll pretty much be replacing every single button and stick to something that will work reliably. If you want something with a more American layout, I’m sure there are other sticks that will better fulfill that and with a better price. Otherwise, I would highly HIGHLY recommend going with the TE Fightstick. Most likely everyone will have at least one and if you end up not taking your TE to a gathering or something, at least you will have a common grasp at to what is in your fingertips when you borrow someone else’s controller… because it’ll most likely be a TE.

Oh and the X-Arcade stick requires you to connect a wired 360 controller to get it working along with buying a PS2 adapter. It’s basically a Blazepro converter. That’s just more stuff to carry around really.


Thanks. I don’t mind seeing matches I lose in, lol. it was a fun match


Yes, learn this combo, with the SPD mixup. But be very careful. cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP is NOT a safe blockstring.


Holy crap guys - muchos, muchos gracias for the prompt and polite responses. I like this community already.

Thanks alot for the heads up on the X Arcade sticks. I do like the American style layout - especially the tapered stick - but a reliable stick is more important. I don’t intend on modding my stick anytime soon - but for future reference, if I wanted an American style stick that could take me wailing on the stick (I tend to be pretty rough on the stick - and even if that’s a bad habit in SF, I’ll still do it on more casual games) what do you suggest?

Awesome news on the Zangief combos, because that’s what I’ve been doing mostly, only I’ve been skipping the standing LK because that link still gives me some trouble. Also, doesn’t do more damage than cr.lp?

@ Mariodood: And speaking of which, I thought the Fierce SPD did more damage than the Suplex? The wiki doesn’t have detailed info on Gief’s specials, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read that elsewhere (that I conveniently can’t find to post a link…). I mean, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful - because even if it does less damage, the fact that is gives more EX and lands you closer is a massive upside, I just want to make sure I know all I can.

Thanks again guys - I’m so glad I found this site now. Also, I’m on xbox live with my name here - Scheater5. I’ll take a beatdown for a lesson any day.


Also, greetings to MarioDood. It’s nice to meet you, and thanks again for the advice. (Off to watch that video)


ticking it is somewhat easier than just straight up spd in that situation. eventually learn the right way to punish it, but a tick is just as good


If you want an american stick, I suggest going custom or at the very least, get a SF 15th anniversary stick.


Im not a master gief or anything, but suplex is definitely better in a guaranteed situation. Im pretty sure it does more damage, but even if it does a little less, you get a full stock of EX meter (its a ton, watch your meter when you land one) and you get a perfect crossup setup. If you can set up a crossup on any char that you know will beat their reversal, you can switch between that move and another suplex (or an ultra).

Against shotos after landing suplex (or green hand) jump over and use jumping down+LK to hit them behind the neck. It will beat all reversal uppercuts.


Crouching jabs are chainable (they will cancel into each other if you press too fast) and have good frame advantage (that means the opponent can’t do anything). Your opponent won’t be able to do anything before the blockstun ends. Then, you might go for an SPD at any time. Be wary of dragon punch mashers, because most new players don’t want to guess or get grabbed. So to be clear, chained c.lp’s ARE a safe blockstring.

So after a crossup you can do :

  1. one or more c.lp’s, block or backdash (backdash is good if you think your opponent is wise enough to counter your block with a throw of his own; backdash will also evade most reversal dragon punch moves)
  2. one or more c.lp’s, SPD
  3. one or more c.lp, then (some people also do, but I don’t like it…leaves you too open for too long). in this situation is not comboed, but it will hit if the other player was planning on jumping out of the situation. This option is advanced, might not work on beginners.’s combos are harder to do because you can’t chain the kicks. You have to have precise timing to hit them. Also,’s is not safe on block by a few frames. This means that any character with an invincible move (dragon punch, headbutt, etc.) will be able to get to you while you are trying to do some’s.

Yeah and about those double SRK’s trouble. Just do if you are not confident on hitting a SPD or German Suplex. It’s better than nothing and might teach him not to mash like that ;).

Some beginner Zangief pointers :

  • Learn to crouch lariat. It’s actually pretty simple. You just stay crouched until the last moment, then lariat. Depending on the attack, where it would have hit Zangief and on the timing of the lariat you will either trade or straight win against a jump in. If you have meter, this is a great time to spend 1 bar to ex-green hand after trading with a lariat.
  • D+HP is a much better crossup attack than D+LK. You have to hit the D+L extremely late to make it safe. Charge characters will have a harder time to reversal if they have to block it, so it depends on the situations too.
  • Did you know that gief has a “short jump”? You press up, then up-forward pretty fast. This will reduce your jumping arc. You can do fake crossups with it and also bait people into trying to anti-air you.
  • S.MP is Zangief best poke. It comes out super fast and has good range.

You don’t absolutely need to learn the combos right now. As soon as you get a stick, you will definetly get better and nail those combos with practice.

A good easy combo is c.lp,c.lp, s.lp, s.lp on hit leaves you with a lot of leeway in term of timing to then hit the opponent with the mp.

It’s late and I didn’t feel like formatting my post too much, so I hope you don’t mind :D.


Wow guys - lots of great info. Thanks again - I’m gonna keep this thread handy.

And I think some of my problem with problem punishing DP’s is from internet lag - I haven’t had any problems with it in local matches since I put some time in training mode practicing it. Thanks again to MarioDood for the tip on how to practice that.

Willix, thanks for the combo tips. I’m so used to online communities that are elitist and annoying - this place is great.