Zangief - Safejump setups



Hey, didnt really find a topic for this…

Anyway, what kind of safejump setups do you guys use? I noticed that I myself had used very little safejump setups, to time my jumps, beacuse any poke after knockdowns where to slow.

So… This is what I use:

Suplex(close 360+K)
After It lands, i hold “Down” until Zangief crouches, then I immidiatly do my jump, and it will be safe atleast vs. 5frame reversals.

Forward Throw:
I use the same timing and setup as after beargrab.

Long sweep:
Against alot of the cast you can just hold “Up + Forward” after inputting the move, but some charas has got slower wakeups like sagat, just wait a tiny bit, then jump and it will work.

s.hp(found by Holdbrillanj):
Instantly hold UF after landing the s.hp, if they quick rise this is a safejump that works vs. 4frame reverals +. If they do not quickrise you should then input and instantly jump, you will then have a new safejump that works vs the non teched knockdown.

U1 Safejumps:
After landing Immediatly do a then hold UF and it will be safe vs.5frames atleast.
After landing immediatly press s.rh and it will atleast be safe vs. Sagat(if Im not mistaking)

After landing Immediatly do a then hold UF and it will be safe vs.5frames atleast.

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All this time, I had no idea cammy & fei long dps were 5 frames, I will try your safe jump timings. I need a rematch with Alioune :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding close 360+k - I really enjoy empty jump into 360+k 2-3 times (or more depending on the player). Against a Ryu, sometimes I will do maybe two of them, then empty jump into backdash, hoping to bait a shoryuken. Can be good for free ultras.


Thanks for the setups Veggey, been using them with a lot of success.


Btw, that setup off of forward throw is safe against even 4 frame reversals with a normalized wakeup time (tested on Yun). Still working with Suplex to see if it can be made safe against 4 framers.

Update: Suplex Works against 4 framers with normal wakeup time.

Man it sucks having a 6 frame jump :frowning:


i see some high level players and then jump in fierce for safe jumps after U1… Snake Eyes did it to CJTruth’s Fei Long after U1 and his ex up kick whiffed.



Good thread, but what attacks are you using off the jumps? Or are you just empty jump landing into a throw/360?


that setup also works after ex spd

Crouch MK = 27 frames
Jump = 43 + 4 frames

the frame advantage after untechable knockdowns are:

Crouch HK: 49
Long Kick: 43
Spinning Piledriver: 37
EX Spinning Piledriver: 70
Flying Power Bomb: 72
Atomic Suplex: 51
Forward Throw: 50
Backward Throw: 32
Super: 50
Ultra Combo I: 70

Jump: 43 + 4
Dash: 26 / 26

hope this helps


jump 43+4? it should be 43+6


jump frame data
total = 47
startup = 6
airborne = 37
recovery = 4

43 = startup + airborne
4 = landing recovery


oh landing recovery, my bad then plz ignore me :slight_smile:



Running Bear Grab - cr. mk. - X
5 Frame Reversals Only (Tested on Normalized Wakeup Time).


Think you could cook up a short vid for that?


Working on a quick video for it now. Upon further testing it only works on 6 frame reversals (I misread some frame data). However since some characters have slower wakeup animations like Sagat and Viper it is good to use if you want to safejump their 5 frame reversals.

Edit: [media=youtube]hf59c6aWNsE[/media]


Reading frame data cr.MP would be 3 less frames you would need.


Good to know for the rare occasion where you actually LAND a flying power bomb :slight_smile:


I think that might make the Splash whiff for these setups. I will test it though, because that might be useful against ibuki, juri, shotos, etc.

Yeah lol it is kind of strangely useful. I got it on a Sagat the other day and he mashed out the DP because he didn’t recognize the setup.


Ah, so it only works when you get flying powerbomb, and not suplex. Still manly as fuck. If you bait a DP, you should be able to time the punish so you get powerbomb instead of suplex. I’m definitely gonna play with it.


Yeah the safejump for suplex is posted in the OP by Veggey but I have yet to really make it 100%.


There’s some good info in this thread but I think it would be very useful to point what characters have slower wake up time. I know only Sagat. Complete list anyone?


In Order:
4 Frames Faster than Average:
Ryu Ken Rufus Akuma Dan E.Ryu
3 Frames
Ibuki Juri
2 Frames Fast:
Blanka Bison Cody Makoto
Everyone not listed
1 Frame Slow:
Sagat Dhalsim Viper
1 Frames Slow:

This is something I have on a notebook somewhere, so I’d say take it with a grain of salt, but I used it when I worked on that Powerbomb safejump setup.