Zangief (SF2T) advice request

I can’t find any effective counters for a defensive Ryu/Ken player who jumps on the spot and hits me with a kick (of unknown strength) whenever I get into range. LP and Double Lariat appear to be of lower priority, and I have to get dangerously close to try to catch him with a crouching roundhouse. He’s afraid of being caught on the way up by an advancing lariat, but the distance at which it has to be performed - within range of his kicks - seems far too risky as a general tactic. Any thoughts?

NKI we need a little help…

Try baiting the neutral jumps if you can get close, when you predict a n.jump + roundhouse, move back a bit out of range or crouch, move forward again and 360 his ass. This also works with dragon punches and things alike. Once you get the knock down go all out offence for damage untill he manages to get into a defensive state again, then be wary of what you do. Just learn his patterns, he’s bound to have some holes in them somewhere.

Probably pointless advice, but it’s the best I have for ST.

That might work… the outstretched foot will keep me at bay during his entire descent, but whilst I might not be in piledriver range upon his landing I can probably catch the crouching roundhouse he’s likely to use in such situations with a kick of higher priority. Problem I can forsee is that he’ll get wise to that fairly quickly and get into the habit of landing into a crouching short kick (which presumably will beat Zangief’s equivalent), Hadoken or simply repeating the jump for a no risk follow up.

Ah, where’s a banishing fist when you need one?

Not if you time the round house for his landing. If you meaty it he shouldn’t have enough time to even get a short out. He’ll get the picture that you have a counter and will probably stop abusing what he is doing.

It’s all about analysing your oponent. If you can find what he does in different situations, i.e wake-up, landing, okizemie, you can bait whatever he’s got.

Like, try standing next to him while he’s down as if you where preparing for a meaty and see if he dragon punches. If he’s constantly doing that, just move out of range as he’s waking up, bait the dp, it misses you, leaving him completely open at your disposal. Use his advantage to his weakness.

Once he realises you have counters, he’s going to take a little while to adapt, this is the perfect time for you to analyse what he is adapting to. Once again giving you the upper hand.

God I love Street Fighter.

Have a search around here and see what you can find. Use the search function, or go to the bottom and set it to view from the beginning. If there’s nothing then create a thread. Someone will be able to help you out more there.

If you time the cr. RH correctly, he shouldn’t even be able to block it, let alone get an attack interrupted. It takes some practice, but learn how to stay just out of range while they’re coming down, and walk forward slightly with a cr. RH.

lol while on the topic of gief help, what’s the best way to beat CE Honda who just bullrushes with slaps. the only option seems to be to back up into the corner, take chip damage, and then try to get a jumping RH in, then go on the offensive.

banishing flat usually trades, not for the better.

essentially, as soon as slaps is activated, i have to back up, what else can i do?

If he’s just holding up or doing it repeatedly, take advantage of the pattern. Stand outside range, and as he’s coming down and landing, jump foward and immediately fierce punch him on his way up again. Or, you could do moving lariat, he’ll panic, hit you high, and then sac-SPD him. Or if you’re really good, you could walk up SPD him as he’s landing.

Against Honda who does nuthing but slaps, if he’s out of range jump over it and fierce punch him in the face. If he’s on top of you and close, you can spin the stick like crazy and mash punches to SPD him through the hands, even if it hits you. (You should be able to do precise reversal SPDs though)

You -can- crouch jab him out of it, but whatever. I think you can trade sweep too from certain ranges, but I’m not sure about CE.

Forward Kick is nice for poking on the ground if they won’t let you jump in.

The ‘jump in as he’s landing’ tactic would be a good 'un if not for dragon punches… unless he can be caught with the outstretched feet before he hits the ground. I’ve been trying to catch with cr rh on several occasions, I’ve had very few successes but enough to convince me that there is a sweet spot… somewhere. Taking a high attack to set up an SPD won’t work, he always tries for an early hit to 2 in 1 into air hurricane kick and floor me.

And yes, I love a floored opponent at Zangief’s feet… my psych-out is a lot better than my technique, couple of wake up dps caught with cr rh on the descent and he now wakes up with cr block only to be tossed over the shoulder (not SPD - he’ll react to the motion with a dp).

If I see Honda trying to steamroller me, I’ll go for the jump in immediately. He’s giving you a free shot, if you let him off the hook for too long he can have a sumo splash or suchlike waiting for you.

well the problem with ce honda is that if you jump in, he can move back (while continuing the slaps), so at best you’re going to trade hits.

Can you not block the slaps and 360 on recovery?

I’m playing Turbo, are there any differences between T and CE Honda’s slap? If not, I’ll ask my opponent to play Honda a while - see what I can do about hand slaps. I’ll guess that the ‘vacuum effect’ of SF2 SPDs doesn’t count against such specials - my opponent isn’t keen on pugilistic characters so I don’t get much chance to really test the abilities of the SPD.

Do you mean SF2T (as in Hyper Fighting) or do you mean SSF2T (as in Super Turbo)?

If you’re talking about SF2T (HF), I have no idea because I can’t play that game. If you’re talking about SSF2T (ST), then this thread should be merged with the ST thread, and to answer your question:

-cr.RH from max range. It’s unblockable as they land.
-early st.RH from far. If they try to trade hits with you (or even if they beat you cleanly), their jumping attack will be so high up that you get a free SPD when they land.
-Crouching lariat from mid-range. You want to duck so that they are as low as possible before you hit 3K. If you do the lariat too early, it can be beaten by some jumping moves.
-Jump straight up Fierce from very close. If your reactions are good enough, you can hit them with Gief’s one-hit-dizzy (neutral j.Fierce). Note that this only works in the Japanese version. :sad:

To clarify, I am talking about Hyper Fighting, not Super Turbo.

I’ve not had any success with the various ground - based kicks that have been suggested, as he seems to have me beaten on range and priority. But the lariat from crouch has potential - as does the sudden jumping fierce.

You can try low fierce as well, it’s pretty effective against some jumping attacks. (Those that go mostly horizontal like Ken/Ryu jumping roundhouse) But really you should just walk up and do a low rh.

Once they hit the ground if you think they are going to jump up again just walk forward. If they kick you on the way up or at the top of their jump or any time that isn’t going to combo you get a free SPD or standing fierce or something like that. If they wait until they are about to hit the ground you can lariat, stand jab, etc.

The key is walk forward as soon as they jump up.

Jumping up and down with Ken/Ryu in Zan’s face isn’t really an effective strategy. It’s a lot more effective with Blanka, because his jump has such low hangtime and his jump RH is angled down. In that case you still want to walk forward as soon as he leaves the ground but you have to be a lot quicker.

The main point is get as close as you can, then just walk forward as they jump. You’ll get deep enough underneath them to either force them to attack early and not combo (you get a free hit afterwards) or you can anti-air them with something.

Also in US versions the jumping headbutt may not dizzy 100% of the time but it still dizzies a lot.