Zangief Stick Help?

So, I’m finally getting back into the competitive scene of SSF IV, and as I’ve done for years, I’m using Zangief. Now, I’m also getting myself a new fight stick in, and it’s been years since using one constantly. My question now is, what is the recommended restrictor plate for a character like Zangief? Back in the day I just used my TE straight out of the box, but that’s about all I remember. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.

I play Zangief and I have been using the square gate on the TE stick ever since I switched off of pad. I tried Octogate but It never really clicked for me. Here are some of the things that I like about square gate for Gief:

  1. Standing SPD is easy because you ride all the way up to one of the two top corners.
  2. SRK motion is very easy on square gate, especially from crouching.
  3. A lot easier for me to option select Gief’s pokes with the square gate because being able to ride the bottom gives some slack on it.

Really it’s up to you so do what feels right.