Zangief strategy etc

another SPD motion: hcf,uf, P or hcb, ub, P as opposed to hcb,f, P or hcf,b, P

if you are in crouch block position (down/back), just input hcf, uf, P. If you are used to the old motion, this should be very easy for you - it also feels quicker than hcb,f or hcf,b.

stuff off of the hop (f+HP):

  • combos into c.MK, green hand (whiff or hit) -> mix up from there
  • combos into c.HK

also, for some reason i can only pull off standing super with 1p side hcb, hcb, f, P. the other motion (hcf, hcf, b P) doesn’t work for me in 1p side, and vice versa on 2p side. Am i just missing something or is the input bugged?

gief can corpse hop after knockdowns now with his headbutt. I know it works on claw and honda, didn’t get to test vs anyone else though.

During what situations would you use a PPP / HP+HK Lariat (Slow lariat) vs a KKK / LP+LK lariat (fast). I know that the kick one has slight invulnerability for low attacks on startup but I typically dont know when to use it other than baiting a trip. How should I use kick lariat? Also I have seen combos that end in lariat. is that the punch or kick version?

I’m having a hardass time getting the FAB off now, especially ticking into it, does anyone have a reliable method for it yet?

Really liking the new Banishing fist input. Hella simple to buffer into a SPD, or just combo into the damn thing. . .finally.

I’m kinda disappointed in hop. It goes far, but like, it goes too far. In order to not hit the opponent, you have to do it from really far away, like from outside footsy range against most characters. That’s crappy because if you’re not playing footsies with the opponent, they’re not gonna be sticking out low moves for you to hop over very often, and since hop has to start from outside of most characters’ footsy ranges… what are you using it to hop over? I think its uses are going to be in corpse hopping and as a preemptive antiair, I don’t think it’s too useful in most footsy situations. Maybe it’ll be useful as a surprise hop into 360 from across the screen, but that’s really just an occasional thing.

The new green hand is more useful in most situations, but I’m not sure it’s actually, well, useful for getting through fireballs. You still have to predict when your opponent’s gonna throw a fireball, and Gief often has better options than that.

Low-invincible kick lariat is really useful, though. I think that’s probably my favorite of Gief’s changes.

What do you do now?

isn’t the motion now simply hcb or hcf?

you can tick into it using hcb/hcf.

Yea i noticed this also. instead of doing a 270, now it’s like doing a half circle ending in up.

What’s the general gameplan against Vega? I’ve had a lot of trouble with Vega players that know what they’re doing. I know crouching fierce can stuff dives now if timed properly but does he have anything that can hit his slides?

I HATE this match. Try to SPD him once out of his sweeps and you’ll never see them again the rest of the match. As for the dives… I dont have quick enough reactions to really combat them.

Here is the realy easy way to do a SPD with gief now.

Down back half cir to up forward. It is tooo easy now and im getting SPDs when i want green hands.

LOL Kinda funny its the complete opposite of ST now. I would get green hand when I wanted SPD now i get SPD when I want Greenhand.

If this proves to be true, I’m gonna be ALL OVER THIS

see first post.

about the zangief motion:

we can now safely assume that it is BUGGED. just doesn’t work, period.

for me personally, it’s not that bad, since i prefer the half-circle-from-right-to-left motion anyway, but i guess the missing motion makes it harder to do in some scenarios on 2p side (example: punish a whiffed srk by walking forward, doing the motion).

can you explain a corpse hop?

I assume it means you knock the guy down, then you hop over him and you get to attack from the other side when he gets up.

Can’t you sweep after a hit heatbutt. Also how good is the new recovery on glove. Before it was like a free hit if blocked.

cool thx

sexy…ill give it a shot…did you do it over any big guys? does that make a difference?