Zangief Super.. should be

The alpha 3 Super that grabs you out of the Air discuss


I think it should grab them where ever they are. The other side ot the screen, jumping,blocking wherever and whatever they are doing. JK…
serious though ,Why does the biggest Grappler on the game Not have a jump throw??? I mean chun li?!? has one for gods sake… Cammy? but not Gief?

im fine with the FAB. its always been my favorite move in SF. I was kinda disappointed with gief’s ultra in SF4 after seeing ELF’s ultra. That thing is awesome! He should at least throw they higher and spin faster or something. But yea it wouldnt make sense to change his super cuz everyones super/ultra is pretty much the same thing.

and i do agree, no air though for gief! outrageous :lame:

:confused: a big man with mad range with his ultra, super AND piledriver AND can dodge fireballs while having weird hitboxes for 2 to 3 seconds should get aan air throw too?


yes. someone so slow and suseptible? to projectiles should have another weapon. He should have had one from the start of SF.


Super should be stomp super from SF EX.

jab, jab, jab, st. lk xx stomp super.

Quick starting and invincible gives him a better reversal than what he currently has.

There’s almost no use for Super, since you almost always have an ultra ready by the time you get in anyway.

Giving him the anti air super just gives him another method of just guessing on an opponent, and doesn’t give him anything guarunteed.


we could look at this from a Ryu/Sagat angle.

We could just make gief stand still and eat fireballs and dragon punches all match. we could turn him into a blow up punching bag. no jumping. lariat does not pass through fireballs. and spd takes 10 frames to start up.

how about a combo throw? like bayman from DOA.

I do think super should be able to combo into like everybody else’s in the game. Give players a reason to combo as gief XD

It would be cool, and useful. But having two COMPLETELY different supers is a utility they don’t seem to want to give many characters in this game, I Geif isn’t low tier enough to justify it. If they made lariat weaker anti air and gave him hugo’s air throw that would be cool.

SF4 and any other SF game should take NOTHING from SF EX. EVER. You’re a bad person for suggesting this and a worse person for playing SF EX.

…also ‘an anti air super is guessing, doesn’t give him a guarantee’…

Maybe YOU just throw out anti airs, hoping for them to land, but I’m sure the rest of us (or the good rest of us) only confirm an AA when the dude jumps.

FaLv2 - Super

There you go.

Sup Megaton Press?

Give him a lariat that shoots fire from his feet and fireballs from his fist like that mutated sf2 they dubbed rainbow edition back in the day.

I think Zangiefs’ super should just be him yelling at you for the rest of the match.

“Waaht are you doink spendink so much time playink veeedeeogames?! Waaht would your muzzer sink?! You could have gone to college! Or university! But no! You have to playink Street Fighter four! You are bad. So bad.”

yes you have a point, but in that case you best stop playing SF4 since it took lots of cues from SFEX.
2D gameplay as in SFEX? Check
3D graphics as in SFEX? Check
Cancelling specials into Supers, as introduced in SFEX1? Check
FADC, leading to continuous rushdown, like Momentaries in SFEX3? Check
Characters taking different damage to each other, as introduced in SFEX? Check
High/Low mixups, with universal unblockables leading to stun, as used in SFEX? Check
Character moves first introduced in SFEX? (eg Justice Fist, double-jumps, or Bison’s kick throw) Check
Realistic (and pretty-looking) movement of hair and belts like all other polygon games? Check
Irrelevant background details like the insects and rats taking random walks in SFEX? Check

Super Stomp is pretty good in EX. Looks fun to do and is. Everyone loves the stomp.

but yeah, SFEX sucks and capcom and snk have NEVER stole any ideas that came out of the SFEX series…

Dude, Shinji… SFEX series sucked… just… live with it, man.

not to deter this thread, but come into the SFEX thread in FD and say WHY you think it sucked and how absolutely none of those BS reasons apply to SF4 as well.

Suepr stomp would be a good super to add, gives him something to punish with if he blocks a shoryuken or an ultra by sagat, viper or ken. Cause walking 360’s may be easy but standing 720’s are fuckin hard. Give him something that he can cancel into his super from normals would be ideal.

What, lariat, crouching strong, standing jab, far standing roundhouse, and the threat of command grab whenever they got close to you aren’t good enough reasons for your opponents to not jump in? Gief definitely doesn’t need the antiair super in this game.

Definitely doesn’t need two 720s either, though. Other characters in the game have similar supers and ultras (ie Ryu, Akuma, Blanka, etc), but Gief is the only character whose super and ultra are so identical in function (full ultra does slightly more damage and has very slightly more range, but whatever). And I think that’s pretty dumb.

You’re wrong about super cancelling, alpha came out first.
You seem to be making the argument that SF4 Wouldn’t have 2D gameplay, 3D graphics, high low mix ups (lmao) etc etc if SFEX had never existed, which is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. And if you’re not making that argument, then what you’re saying is pointless. Anyone can clearly see the progression from SF2 to A to 3 to 4, ignoring EX completely. EX is the bane of the series, an abortion that never should’ve existed. Someone giving capcom money to use SF names does not make it a true SF.

Theres a good reason EX only characters haven’t been added to any other SF game, or even the mix up games like CVS etc. and you won’t see them, ever.

I’m with you but…what would you suggest? How would you give his super slightly different functionality than his ultra without making it something different altogether?

Heres something: Banishing flat cancels into super. This is useful exactly never. In SF3 there are set ups with Alex, if most characters block or are hit by his flying elbow they won’t be able to get out of his stun gun headbutt. normal BF is pretty useless the way things are except as a command dash, being that its -5 ON HIT. Stun gun headbutt can also grab people that have been hit out of the air by his flying elbow since its an air reset.

Normal BF xx Super sounds pretty OP to me if it could hit, blocked or not, but what if we let BF hit people out of the air (like after a Lariat that trades) and then cancel into super and have it connect. With the damage scaling (we could even scale it more than usual) I don’t see this being any more OP than shoryu into super, etc. and it would justify using normal BF to actually hit people.