Zangief - The Hollywood Mod


Hi guys. Here’s a Zangief mod I’ve been working on. I originally wanted to mod him into Scott Steiner but cant edit the model to remove the beard and mohawk as yet.

I have included the emz as well as backups of other files should you mess things up. To install, copy the ZGF_01_02.col.emz into the “\STREETFIGHTERIV\Battle\Chara\ZGF” . Start the game and select Zangief colour 2.

Thanks to my buddy for hosting this file. Please don’t remove the credit or host this file elsewhere. I will not post any other mods should this occur.

Heres the link to the files: .


I downloaded this and I’m really impressed. Great mod, and thanks for not making it Color1!



Give that man the $10,000!

Brilliant job, and repped.


Cool, glad you like it. Might also work on a red and yellow hulkamania version, if there is enough interest.


It’s all about that NWO brother! But should you wish to make one for the Hulkamaniacs, then more power to you.


Fantastic work! Credit given and rep up :tup:


thats awesome


Very creative. I’m impressed most of all by that.


Awesome! :slight_smile:


Added to the Skinning Mega-Thread in main forum. Everyone deserves to see these!


very very nice!!! :slight_smile: lovely work!


That’s one of the more impressive edits I’ve seen. Bravo, sir!



If I’d change anything thought it would be a white weight belt instead of the black. It would stand out a bit better I think.


really good job on this mod! He even has a very Hogan-esque facial expression in the upper right pic

heh, that’s be really cool!


I love you more than I love anyone in this world right now, just for the notion of GiefSteiner.

He’d have no SYMPY for those puny shotos and their fireballs.


LOL awesome mod. GJ


Hey yo it’s me, it’s me, it’s RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanted to say that even tho I don’t play SF4 competitively this shyt is AWESOME!!! Very very well done my dude, and keep up the good work. Shyt with this Hollywood Hogan style I might just play SF4!


The Hulk Hogan mod seems to have a problem with Zangief’s eye. There’s black texture clearly overlapping the whites of his left eye


Dude, that is AWESOME! :rofl:


One of the better mods I’ve seen, thanks for this.