Zangief U2 is totally ass iMO

U2 is ass IMO. Its so damn risky unlike Abel new ultra which is so fucking god like vs everyone. The only time where I would probably pick U2 seriously even in tourny play would be against Chun or Blanka. Perhaps if a player didnt have all day to think about what there going to do to u after u miss with that second ultra then I may pick it more offtend.

Sorry but IMO capcom truly thought gief was a beast in this game and decided to tone him down a bit. I still love gief but its so damn hard sometime ya know. I think capcom gave all the so call shitty characters godlike 2nd ultras and the so call top tier characters just ok 2nd ultras.

Godlike characters (In Capcom eyes of course)
Sagat= 2nd ultra is ass
Ryu= 2nd ultra is ass
Akuma= 2nd ultra is a joke
Boxer=2nd ultra is totally ass
Zangief=2nd ultra is only good vs 2 characters, chun/blanka

Mid tier characters (In Capcom eyes)
Abel=best second ultra in the game IMO
Rufus=did he really need to get better with his new ultra. (humm I think Jwong had a lot to do with this new Ultra IMO…No Joke)
Ken= over all is better and 2nd ultra is much better then the first
Honda= A 720? please , WTF capcom
Slim= pokes takes more damage and 2nd ultra is extremely good in high level play
Rose= God damn, as if she wasn’t bad enough. 2nd ultra= please get the fuck away from me while a space you out again.
Viper=2nd ultra = now an ultra that even scrubs can land in a combo.
Furete= 2nd utra is just as good as the first and vs gief now u can’t cross him up anymore when he has it.
Bison=2nd ultra pretty good vs certain characters but got tone up overall to deal with his bad matchups.
Seth= 2nd ultra = now i can combo into ultra bitches…
Cammy= Has gotten better overall and 2nd ultra is good vs characters that like to mix her up a lot…ie Zangief
Fei=See cammy

Bottem tier characters that capcom truly did not care about to begin with…lol

But in the end guys I still think zangief is good just not as broken as in SF4. Just wanted to express myself regarding gief U2.

U can closed the thread now.

why is ultra 2 good against chun and blanka? you cant catch them with ultra 2 on reaction when they use their moves. i only think ultra 2 is good vs akuma to stop his vortex

Vs chun, it cuts down her wake up option completely. Vs blanka i think its good b/c u can catch his rainbow ball on reaction if he trys to escape the corner. A decent akuma player knows how not to get caught by his U2 and beside, any solid akuma player is just going to run away the whole match. But i still perfer U1 overall even against chun and blanka because if u guess wrong one time good bye 30-40% of your life, maybe more depending on the character.

Tru dat.


Yeah, I wanted to like it but I can’t imagine landing it against any decent player. Lots of jumpy scrubs around though, but there’s no satisfaction in it there.

Vs honda it’s a must high level hondas fav AA is ex headbut which you get a nice little yellow flash to tell you to pop u2 on a jump-in. It really messes up Honda and may be most usefull vs him. Also it realy limits his wakeup game.
Vs thawk your not going to land many u1’s vs him and it shuts down his mix up game.
Vs chun was going to save this for evo but f it it grabs her out of her lk AA this means once you get it she needs to switch to jumping AA’s which means if you can get over srh she has very few options for AA that keep her grounded.
vs blanka
vs akuma no vortex death for me I want them not to do that bs I feel I would rather chase them for 99 then get stuck in that.
I like it vs shoto’s and cviper I know I shouldn’t pick it but I do.

I like how it adds 1 more variable to the mix-up game and I want them to stay put and not reversal. It’s a strange ultra because it does the most damage not by hitting but by making people make choices that allow your other moves to hit.

But I get if you think it’s garbage.

Gief U2 = Dead Fuerte.

Giefs second ultra would be so so so much more practical in a greater variety of situations and match ups if they just made the grab box not so ludicrously small. A better grab box could actually make it a viable anti air punisher. I agree with the chun match up though. Chuns ex wake up used to be a pain to get around but ultra 2 really shuts that crap down.

it seems pretty good against blanka(can punish his rolling aerial attacks)
but do you guys think hawk got better treatment cause of his U2 and somebody saying if gief had something like hawk’s U2 that would be epic…

Yes if gief could do his U2 on the ground like Thawk it would be bad. What makes it trash is you have to jump and land it. I disagree with the top ultra, ryu U2 is good like 3rd strike. Gief is still a beast, I just wish he had a normal air grab.

but either way it’s a anti-air ultra
don’t expect too much out of it

I agree with bp’s assessment about Honda. I’ve shut a number of decent Honda players down by learning to U2 on reaction to flash and you can grab headbutt too which can totally F Honda’s normally ridiculous wakeup game. Also, I’ve seen a number of Bison users who use U2 try to anti-air me with it which gives me literally all the time in the world to 720 and reverse U2 which wins super clean for fun time beatings.

i feel U2 turns around gief’s match up with blanka quite nicely
just be patient and if he starts being a pain
wait and punish with blizzard

Thanks for sharing.

Since it’s an aerial move, of course it has its uses. There are plenty of opponents who control the air and I believe it’ll do wonders against them, such as Blanka, T. Hawk, or Vega (although Vega got a hell of a lot better in this game).

I’m thinking about making Zangief my secondary but I’m really struggling to win with him. I knew it wouldn’t be easy at the start but when everyone runs away from you it’s not so easy to land U2. I’m working on being able to Focus into U1 for extreme damage but I figure U2 is better used when I actually know how to play with Gief. I would love to see it used in high level play though, players with fast reactions can really punish with it. I wouldn’t say it’s totally useless, I’d say it depends on the match-up and players’ habits in the match (whether he likes to dash or jump in, etc.).

I think this is a common misconception in Street Fighter in general. The top players really don’t have that much faster reactions than people who are pretty average at the game. Maybe a little bit, from playing all the time, but I think what people often confuse as “fast reactions” is really just situational knowledge. Their intense knowledge makes it so they don’t need to rely on reactions. They plan several moves in advance, buffer attacks, use option selects, and know what they’re looking for before their opponent even does it.

You really don’t need fast reactions when you know what your opponent is going to do. Sorry for the off-topic rant.

No problem man, I actually wanted to know how quick the Japanese players were so that helps me. I guess you’re right, any competitive game is really like a game of chess. The better player is the one that can think ahead and adapt to any situation.


you can do it from the ground


your only buffering during zangief 6 prejump frames, but technically your still finishing the inputs in the air, so it looks like your doing it on the ground but your not … instant air U2 … FACEPALM once more … unlike thawk’s aa ultra which is a true aa FACEALM… THE 3RD TIMES A CHARM LOL

I’ve been using Blizzard almost exclusively in ranked play to help me be more attentive with my ground game and mixups.

Might sound like I’m stating the obvious but blizzard works really well in high mobility matchups to dissuade almost all attempts to escape.

Air tatsu corner escape is allegedly the reason gief got Blizzard and ironically it’s the one I find the most fiddly to punish, but that’s perhaps because it’s hard to react to. But it’s generally a rather useful ultra. Even if you aren’t going to use it in serious matches/tournaments/whatever I’d suggest rolling with U2 (unless it’s an obvious advantage to use U1 since your opponent can’t significantly threaten/evade you from the air) if only to help it make you work on your ground game more (no U1 to rely on for a big damage spike in a clutch situation) It?s good to generally mess with people?s cross-up pressure

Good things about U2 against some characters (the ones I generally pick it against, although for most shotos it may change I pick it against all them right now to force me to play smarter on the ground and not rely on UAB):

Vega- Dissuades wall-dive pressure when gief is cornered, wall-dive/wall-bounce escape when vega is cornered and when lit can be used to completely stop Vega using his super (which is much better in super than vanilla) If you expect a cheeky over-head it?ll also work against that quite hilariously. Not great against scarlet terror, but it will lose/trade to a few of gief?s aerials anyway so it?s not great.

Blanka- Mainly to help punish EX rainbow rolls and can dissuade cross-up hop shenanigans.

Gen- Mainly for stuffing over-head/cross-ups, dive kicks and his wall-dive escapes. It shuts down a lot of his more mobile options which is very much to your benefit.

Chun- a little bit odd for her, but if she tries to wall-jump to escape the corner that?s perhaps the easiest blizzard in the game. I like Blizzard in this matchup to dissuade her from using EX spinning bird kick on wakeup (more splash and knees ftw). I know WGE will debate it?s usefulness here because knees can stuff EX bird, but I like Blizzard for the massive damage output by comparison. Also useful if she tries a cross-up hop normal thingy (df + RH?)

Guy- Big floaty jumps, weird crossup. Guy wanting to land a big damage air throw mixup?I haven?t checked how well it works against his tatsus on wakeup, but if it can punish those then that?s another benefit.

T.Hawk ? I know headbutt beats dive and spire, but I like having blizzard to dissuade dive and crossup pressure because he?s not someone I really want to pressure me like that.

El Fuerte- Wall-dive escape makes baby jesus cry. Also good to dissuade pressure on wakeup. Forces fuerte to meaty you perfectly everytime and most don?t, but it?s mainly for wall-dive. U1 is still good I guess but he?s hard as hell to grab if he wants to be annoying and in my experience blizzard is great for making him hesitant to try air options and his variety of options is where his strength lies.

Seth?He has fuerte?s wall-dive and annoying aerials off of them. Again he?s hard to grab a hold of with U1 and it?s a nice.

Shotos ? Air tatsu escape is fiddly and hard to react to but it does work. Akuma also dislikes trying vortex/demon flip pressure even more now. Sadly it?s not great agains his air fireballs

I?m in 2 minds about U2 on:

Juri ? very bouncy but moves through the air quite fast and dives sometimes go straight underneath blizzard and it whiffs. Her ground zoning is annoying and a smart one will only really go into the air to punish/run and blizzard doesn?t work well in the situations she?s trying to run away from.

Ibuki- similar to Juri but slower in the air. She has good options to help her escape on the ground though. Feels like U2 would be the way to go but I currently tend to take U1 since it?s still excellent damage when you eventually land it. Feels like the less sensible option for some reason though.

Viper?Good to stop her cross-up burning kick pressure, but sadly there doesn?t seem to be much of a gap between seismo and a jump cancelled burning to get the blizzard out consistently.

Honda ? it does kill his wake-up game and some of his AA, but he can shrink his hit-box back with neutral j.fierce and blizzard totally misses most of the time. U2 does have a lot of benefit, but U1 seems to be good simply due to honda?s damage output and the reduced damage of gief?s combo pressure making his reversals more favourable for him to try.

Bison?good anti-crossup, not ideal to mess with head stomp/reverse but he has a big floaty jump and I like blizzard since it makes him less likely to EX stomp/reverse on his wakeup when I?m right next to him. This general idea allows for more head-butt pressure in situations where your opponent tended to have the advantage.

That?s just some random scribbling of my thoughts anyway. I feel Blizzard makes gief feel a lot more dominating in the corner, particularily against wall-divers where it forces them to play a ground game to escape and as a by-product makes gief a lot more threatening to them. They really want to jump but being able to threaten with blizzard means they generally just sit there and panic since their normal go to option for easy escape suddenly becomes the most risky of all of them. I also like being able to pressure with cross-ups and headbutt a lot more. Gief with Blizzard and Super stocked is arguably one of the most fun 50/50s in the game (for gief players anyway)