Zangief Ultra/Super motion while standing?


Just a quick question: is it possible to do the ultra/super while not buffering during other moves? Is there an execution shortcut to doing it while standing still and not doing a jump maybe? Thanks.

Speed + Stick + Skills = Standing 720.

Thats about it.

Gief has 6 pre-jump frames.

So, you would need to do :
:hcf:, then… (in 6 frames) :uf::u::ub::hcf::uf::u:+:3p:

Pretty hard to do really.


Reaper did it.

Well he walked forward, not sure if that counts as a buffer but…

Yeah… it’s possible…

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Hmmmm… good question.

Mostly right. Some of the directions can be simplified. I confirmed this with a macro I wrote on my G15:


Those are really all the core inputs you need. Basically, after the :u:, in 6 frames you only need to hit those 3 major directions. In fact, because the game is only reading at 60fps anyway, meaning it can only register one input per frame, it would be impossible if you had to input more than 6 directions within 6 frames. This means that to do the 720 standing, you would want to skip :uf:, :df:, and :db: (to do this, you would move over those directions faster than 1/60 sec. as you are rotating the stick).

It’s not impossible (from standing still), you just have to do it very fast.

My arm felt like it tore off when I tried to do these. I got like 4 out of 30 times.
I could do it with a lot more consistency with Hugo in 3s, but I had a specific stick I would use. The arcade stick was small and closer to the buttons, so all I really had to do with flick my wrist.

the real question is how do you do an ultra from the crouch position?


There was a thread on this earlier. You can do it with two fireball motions.


Using this, you have to go from :uf: to :ub: before the jump frames complete. This isn’t as difficult as it would seem, it’s just a full fireball motion.

This IS possible, still VERY difficult, not worth learning at all.

If you want to test the inputs, go into training mode. Dash toward the opponent, and do :hcf::uf::hcb::ub: while in the dash motion. You’ll see that the inputs work. Then just keep using those inputs till you get it without a dash. I got it a couple times, but can’t just tell someone “Hey come watch this.” they’ll be standing there a while.

I had never thought of this before - and it would surely be limited to mind games applications - but, technically, you can buffer the 720 motion during a personal action. The Super/Ultra cancels out of it. Might make a good mind game tactic on wake up. SPD -> jab Hand -> Suplex (which lands you closer) -> delayed taunt -> Ultra. Mix that up with taunt -> anti jump like, and you might have something.

Mix nothing with taunt on wake up. There is nothing scary abouy taunt that will make them do anything but backdash away for free, or you eat SRK/Tiger > Ultra. Its really not worth the in game insult. You might get lucky pulling that off on a less experienced player but just as stated with the cr.MK discussion. It works, you can catch someone sleeping and land an ultra with it. But generally if you are playing anyone that is good and paying attention, expect to get punished.

Darn good point. But the fact that it’s possible might lead someone else to come up with an actual viable use for it. It would still be risky as hell, but a good chunk of of Gief’s game is risky mind games already.

i have a question, if i am able to do a standing 720 in 3rd Strike, would i be able to pull one off in SSF4?

from what i heard Hugo has a 5 frame start up, but do to the game recognizing it as a super jump (the game reads the first 360 as d/u) it gives him 7 frames of start up. though i know with the SSF4 engine the only characters that have super jumps are Ibuki and Viper, so i have 1 less frame in order to do the 720.

i’m not sure if that one frame is going to play such a huge factor in doing it though due to the shortcuts that the SSF4 engine has. logically that means i need to hit 12 motions in my 720 motion, that one video has someone doing it in 11.

i’m just a bit confused of how it is harder in this game than previous ones?

I thought a well-known use for it was doing the taunt after stun so that you don’t have to jump for the Ultra?

I don’t know if whiffing ultra in the middle of the match while standing is worth the life you’ll lose.

In a lot of Gief videos, they sometimes throw out a normal and buffer ultra afterwards. Fishing with normals and buffering seems like a good test to try. But just try it out, that’s how you learn.

Desk just blew shit up. Standing 720, now with crouch tech and RBG frame.

[media=youtube]ISKfZgwRT4U[/media] For those that don’t know what GuruPrimo is talking about.

I’m confused, what’s the input hes using?