Zangief Video Thread

I think these were clogging up the general thread a little bit so here we go.

Zangief’s SPD ranges:

A mini-guide on SFxT 'Gief:

Zangief Trials

Zangief and Ken combo:

Renic (one of the contestants of Cross Assault) speaks about gems with a Zangief in the first match:

After my mixed success with Zangief tonight, I thought I’d drown my sorrows in some videos.

Zangief & Akuma versus Rolento and Hugo

Sagat & Zangief versus Rolento and Rufus

Sagat & Marduk versus Zangief & Sagat

Zangief and Lili versus Ken and Ryu

Had some fun on a 30 game rank streak with a Steve Fox player on my friend list… we had a real good tag punish that was just sick and i got a headbutt team super once or twice. Trolling after suplex is fun too… just sit there on charged grab and play mind games.



A user by the name of SouthSideNoobs on YouTube has started charting his progress with a Juri and Zangief team.
He already has 38 videos and is steadily building up BP so it might be one to watch.
Haven’t watched too many yet so the ones above aren’t the “highlights”.

Kazuya and Zangief versus Rolento and Hugo

Zangief and Sagat versus Cammy and Ryu


Kazuya and Sagat versus Zangief and Hugo (first match)

Ibuki and Lili versus Ryu and Zangief
If nothing else, he’s in his skinned bear costume. :smiley:

Poison and Hugo versus Zangief and Hugo

Rolento and Zangief versus Nina and Lili
They lose but there’s some nice hitconfirm combos and EX GH follow-ups

Zangief Headbutt spike to Cross Assault

DSPStreetFighter did an Arcade mode playthrough with the Space Cyclones over three parts.

holy shit thats me and boy thats a pretty embarrassing match

Ha ha, I didn’t even notice! I was pleased to see a Zangief show Hugo who’s boss. :smiley:
Damn, there’s a whole lot of Zangief in this Box Arena tournament.

Tune out the commentators unless you want to hear about how bad/“gay”/“retarded” SFxT is.

I noted down some times as I watched it. May have skipped a few accidentally.

Viscant: Bison and Zangief
1:17:00 - Ryu and Guile
1:41:00 - Rufus and Rolento

Mr. Certified: Rolento and Zangief
1:55:00 - Vega Rolento
2:45:00 - Bob and Hugo

Viscant versus Mr. Certified

Bonesaw versus Mr. Certified
Notes: Super goes through knife to catch Rolento.
Hugo grabbed out of Super.

Bonesaw versus Viscant

Asuka and Marduk versus Zangief and Law
Some really nice gameplay here in terms of Zangief play.

In fact, here’s another couple of Best1inlynn’s matches:



Oh boy, some tournament play.


Skip to 4:20
A loss but some decent gameplay.

Skip to 2:00

Viscant (M.Bison and Zangief) versus GoroAdachi (Rolento and Steve)

gpat256 (Rufus) and Cujo_Kate (Vega) versus NovrilPSN (Bison and Zangief)

MCZ MRN WolfKrone (Poison and Hugo) versus gmackillerb and AdrianDaTruth (Zangief and Ryu)

Here’s a video I made breaking down some solo zangief combos.


That is one great video, Rotondo. Really good. I’ll have to practice these.
I wasn’t aware he was capable of that sort of damage from his own combos!

Edit: If there’s a consolidated strategy thread at some point, that video should be in it. It’s a lot easier to learn combos when seeing them executed.

Here is our beginner guide to Zangief:

Law and Zangief combo

Spoilers: Gieft loses overall but there’s still some nice tag combos between Sagat and Zangief

Anyway, here’s some more of his matches. I haven’t watched these ones yet.