Zangief vs balrog glitch?

he gots something like a little glitch aginst rog…

gief has got extra reach on rog…i think its bc he got a big hit box or something…its got a little more reach if hes crouching…you can grab super rog from qute the distance…wif a, then grab super ::just barlry hitting him::if im not mistaken…you can also do c.lp,, SPD…its like a combo from st or something…just a little something my friends and i found out…

That was never a combo except in A3 in VC mode and in CvS2 A-Groove during a CC. ST never counted the SPD as part of the combo because you could ALWAYS DP out of it with a DP character. It’s a tick. Plain and simple.

Also, I don’t know what you’re talking about with Balrog. His SPD and FAB automatically gain more range (actually, this is the max… they LOSE range ->) when you whiff a move to keep from going into the first few frames of jumping.

Me and eddiew was doing it. You can do 3 jabs go back a little tiny tiny bit, then FAB and it catches rog.

Heheh, I’m not surprised. They have to give Gief some lame shit against Rog in every game. I swear that he’s always designed to beat Rog. Not that that always happens…on paper though…every damn game:mad:


Yeah, that’s true. Zangief ownz 'Rog with RC lariats.