Zangief vs. Blanka(and other charge ch.)



Ok, i haven’t been playing this game that long yet, but i have no idea how to play against a blanka, or a bison with gief. I have the most problems playing against blanka, its really frustrating cuz i have no idea how to get around it, any gief xperts out there who have some good strats against that green bastard??



Methinks a spinning lariat will beat out a Blanka Ball (don’t have time to test, so I’m not sure, but I think it works), and it’s also good against Bison because his Psycho Crusher will fly right through you. His d,f,d/f+P will also hit Bison right out of the Psycho Crusher. Use his forward to poke, it’s one of his best, and it helps keep them outside, untill you find the right time to close the gap and bust out a L3 FAB… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!:smiley:


There are two things you want to worry about with Blanka - c.fierce and RC ball. RC electricity you can SPD with ease, so that’s not a threat. You want to do a lot of RC walk back lariats against Blanka (and Sagat too, but that’s another story). The lariat will hit c.fierce cleanly, and if he doesn’t stick it out you can walk back out of range of his slide. For the ball, block it high and do a s.fierce. Mix in random jump ins at your discretion. As always, use empty jump SPD, jumping knees (d.forward) and mash on c.jab, and splash (d.fierce) and mash on c.jab. Also do his standard (any jump in hit), c.jab x2-3, c.short, Green Hand. If it whiffs, SPD. If it’s blocked, wait a bit, then do another walk back RC lariat. If Blanka (or anyone for that matter) jumps on you, RC lariat. It’s a hard fight, but your job isn’t to win it (although it IS possible). Your job is to get it down enough so that the next character can do the cleanup with enough life left for Blanka’s teammates.


I dont know much about it,but RC KKK Lariat should clean those blanka balls and Psycho Crusher out of the way,its not hard to do so use it wisely,but if you suceed everytime,they wont rely on that so theyll need to rush you,and that gives you more SPD chances, and im not an expert with zangief with CvS2 but this should work.


Thanks for the help guys:D



Don’t forget: if any Bison is foolish enough to do a Scissor Kick, you have NO EXCUSE to not land an SPD afterwards. He cannot escape this, as characters do recover BEFORE Bison does. And since SPD is a zero frame grab, this should be a no brainer win for Zangief. So just play Bison carefully and feel free to block a Psycho Crusher and mash on Crouching Fierce or Standing Fierce to hit him when he passes through you. That’s a worth it trade. Be patient with 'Gief and don’t stick out a lot of pokes… that’s how you’ll get hit by random things. Being able to Block most of Bison’s moves is key to beating Bison. Also, Bison has no true anti-air, so you have to try to take advantage of that with a few repeated Jumping Down + Fierces (thoguh admittedly, it’s got nowhere Alpha 3 priority now) or take advantage with a Jumping Down + Forward. At this point, Bison’s only realy poke against a 'Gief is Standing Roundhouse and Headstomps. For the Roundhouse, you can try to Roll and SPD if you can predict properly, but that’s risky. But if you do it once, it may be enough to put that doubt in Bison’s mind. If he does Headstomp, try to follow him after you block the first hit, and time a Roll so that you finish your roll right after he lands. If he’s anywhere close, you can SPD him.

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Tips from the master, thanks for the tips man!! My main weakness is against turtling bisons, and blanka’s, i get impatient and then i get raped, usually when bison does his psyco crusher i only get him when i’m in the corner, because afterwards i can do a SPD, i didn’t even know about the FP thing, i guess i’ll start using that too.



Yeah, beating Blanka is a whole 'nother story. There’s really very little you can do in that fight except, like Gunter said, just be aware that Stand Fierce can punish a Blocked Blanka Ball if you were Standing when you Blocked it. But if Blanka decides to play a total keep away game and lots of Jumping Straight ups, there’s not a lot you can do (unless you have a level 3 ready to go). Though Jumping Jab is his best air to air move, I dunno if it’ll be far enough to stop a Blanka straight up jumping Fierce.

Oh, and be careful, I think Bison CAN do a Short Scissor Kick at JUST the right range, so that you can’t SPD it on reaction (won’t reach?), I’m not sure… I need to experiemnt with it more…

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I’m certainly not an Gief expert (yet), but I do use him “A LOT”. He’s the backbone of my CvS2 team.

Anyway, I’ve played a few “really” good Bison players that were able to scissors just outside my range. I was a little surprised to see it, because I usually don’t let that get by without making them pay, but it was definitely beyond my spd range (just barely).



Have you ever tried RCing the SPD in that situation? It might help…


Remember the jab piledriver has more reach, I know that you can’t retailiate against a scissor kick if you block one hit, not even a sonic hurricane or gigaton blow will catch him.


Actually, there is no distance at which Bison is 100% safe from the Scissor Kick. I’m pretty sure that you can punish him regardless. With Sakura, for example, I have yet to encounter a distance where I cannot punish Bison’s Scissor Kick with a Jab Uppercut. Bison’s Scissor Kick, the tricky thing about it, is that it puts you in a Block sutn SHORTER than you would normally thnk, so it is punishable by a lot of things. I’m pretty sure a Gigaton Blow will catch if you can time it early enough. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m positive it’s possible.

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By basic gameplan against Blanka is to keep jumping in with the spash or d+forward, then do c. jab x 3, s. short xx strong Green Hand. Then repeat the process based on instinct and common sense. Also, I like to poke with only the c. jabs, df+forward, and s. forward. I also like to cross Blanka up when I get a groove going. For example, I’ll do splash, c. jab, crossup splash, crossup splash, c. jab x 3, s. short, sj. crossup splash, c. jab x 3, s. short xx strong Green Hand. Then, since he might be so frustrated as to jump, just wait a split second…if he does jump, LVL3 RS, if he doesn’t, use common sense on what to do next.

Another tip is to counter roll with N-groove after a blocked Blanka Ball, then break stock, and LVL3 FAB. The other alternative (stock already broken, CR, LVL3 FAB) is much riskier since competent Blanka players will FEAR a LVL3 RS already, and so they will not do a Blanka ball until his stock is over.


Can somebody give me some imput on C.Zangief vs C. Chun-li.
Its a crazy match up. Any advise would help?


I was wondering can you RC Zangief 's SPD/RBG consistently If so that sick. and how is it done consistently. Is their any other method beside’s practice.:frowning:


dont SPD then, use his RBG I am more than sure that will work ;).


Ever hear of something called startup?:rolleyes:


Gigantic Blow will definetly punish any blocked scissor kick but Sakura’s Jab DP can’t always punish it.
I’ve done it several times in training mode just right now, where Bison does a short Scissor kick at basically max distance, Sakura blocks it, I come right out with a reversal DP and it wiffs. I think “what moves punish a short scissor kick” thread would be a good idea…I’m going to experiment with it more.


ummm cool av… but don’t argue with “The Iron Combo Chef” he’s prolly’ right… but can’t u JD/ RBG the blanka ball? it works for me… but then again I have no comp… I’ve never seen the sissor kick range you guys are talkin about in action… but I fool around with Vega some and it would seem that it could be safe from Gief under that circumstance (short from max distance)


The RBG when timed instantly can catch a bison after the scissor kick if timed correctly, otherwise I would suggest the jab SPD or lariat to counterattack.