Zangief vs Deejay



Hello. Im a Gief player here. Deejay was already giving me a hard time in Super, due to his exceptional ability to zone and control spaces, mainly due to his fireball and slide, and s.hp. Right now, i feel like this matchup is even worse. I used to be able to do knee drop to counter his slide. Now it feels like his slide’s hit property has gotten better. Now, did it? Da Knut Forever… you are too good. I feel like your the best Deejay player online.


Slide didn’t get a hit box boost… It’s still SPD punishable on block.

As a fellow Gief player I’d find a good counter pick. Matchup is seriously as retarded as Gief v Juri


think the gief match got worse for deejay. that spd range and ex green hand really fucked me up.


Also ex greenhand into upkicks and then u2 with gief

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its not AE
but this my friend easily kill me in this matchup
cant do nothing vs gief


yeah with the new spd range, deejay needs to keep him out even further. and his ex green hand into NO knockdown sucks for i think anyone.


shakkaShuu, you need to be throwing more sonic booms and keep me out with them s.hp anti air. lol. it’s really easy to keep gief out to be honest. and that slide is too godlike as anti air too from faraway.


Thanks but Zangief vs Deejay is 6-4 Gief. Stop jumping. You have to walk him down.


its not sonicboom its airslasher
airslasher doesnt have good recovery
gief just jump on reaction and use jumping hp (poke with good range)same shit with ex greenhand

st HP crapiest antiair with bad framedata and range
so u are wrong


No you are both wrong… It’s maxout ;-p


I haven’t dl’ed AE yet but I thought this match-up was in Gief’s favor in Super.

Once Gief had meter the match-up seemed so fucking lame.

P. much all Gief had to do was be patient and not jump, walk forward with superior pokes, block air slashers or GH through them, and anti-air everything with lariat.

Then tadaa deejay’s in the corner and you might as well put down the controller.


jhp from a spesific dist. should beat lariat.


none of DJ’s air normals will beat a deep Lariat


lolz. so on this board, people think it’s 6-4 gief, but on the gief board, people think it’s 4-6 deejay.

deejay has so much spacing advantage. sure you can ex-gh on reaction, but most smart deejay will do it outside that range.


Gief wins the matchup. The giefs that have problems are the ones who rely on jumping. That’s kind of like the DJ vs Akuma matchup. The Akuma’s who rely on fireballs and vortex will swear up and down that the matchup is 7-3 DJ. Just be patient and play footsies


i faced aquasilk and got bodied (a lot of which was my fault - had some head-smacking moments) He didn’t even go for any real mixups on me because i was falling for basic stuff :frowning:

so uh…yeah. Not in a position to give advice but i’d say 1. Mix up your antiairs, 2. Be wary of his meter, your fireball recovery, and his ex green hand range, 3. Know his SPD range (I ate a ton of SPD’s because I was thrown off by gief’s increased spd range), and 4. if a gief is doing an obvious (or say punishable) jump in with ultra meter don’t go in the air with him. You know why.


^thats how it is with me VS Jan. no one i know plays gief (much less plays like him) so its hard to play him.
FUCK this match, i dont think any standing AA beats his J.HP clean and his J.MK is a really good jumping move too.
this match got better for us, but not drastically, EX green hand still knocks us down, since it hits us as CH on fireballs.

we just gotta force him to jump, AA him to keep him out while trying to bait out EX GHs so we can punish with back throw send him away.


Against Gief, you WILL end up in the corner if the Gief is any good. It’s a fact. The trick to winning that match with DJ is zoning and doing as much damage as you possibly can and let him push you backward no further than you absolutely can manage. If he manages you get you into the corner after the first 5 seconds you aren’t zoning him well enough. DJ can do more damage than Gief if DJ has space to zone, once he looses that space Gief has the advantage. Sometimes, if you’re right in the corner and Gief tries to jump right above you, you can EX Sobat to get yourself out, then you have the full stage to do damage again. It’s a tricky match for sure.


far st mp helps a lot too.

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