Zangief vs Potemkin

Well, i do fanart extreamly rare. Now its one of these times:


lol @ lipstick zangief

Love how you did Potemkin!.. Excellent!..

the composition kicks ass
but why does gief have to be on the receiving end =(

I just like Potemkin more than Zang. Next time I’ll make CAPCOM vs MARVEL, cuz i dont like marvels :slight_smile:

vega v wolvie =]
just a suggestion

Hehehehe:bgrin: Cool idea, I’ll do it:wgrin: (VEGA is another of my favorites)

Do draw more often.

I love these out of the blue cross-over fanarts, great job:rofl:

I’m really liking the colours & perspective :slight_smile:

Great work! Though I’m saddened that Zangief get’s the ass whopping…:frowning:

I’ll post something up once I get into my art thang. Don’t worry, Zangief would be handing out ass whoppings! :smiley:

U know what would be cool? If you draw Vega vs Wolverine in the same exact pose as the Zangief/Potemkin one. :bgrin:

Ahh boo, Gief should have been the one kicking ass. Still good though

beautiful. i wish it was larger.

Nice coloring, I would like to see Zangief VS Alex one day :bgrin:. Keep it up satanasov :tup:!!

:smile: You good artist!

Or Gief vs Hugo.

Sick picture man, I just wish that Gief was leveling Potemkin instead.

vega vs wolverine sounds like good shit if they were both winding back for a punch or something claws out and shit nice

That’s a cool picture.