Zangief winner at 99(?) sf2 grand championship at ucla?

This isn’t necessarily SF4, but its a SF topic, so sorry if you think this should be in the general fighting games section.

I found this quote on another non gaming board:

“zangief was the character chosen by the winner of the '99(?) sf2 grand championship at ucla. it was really an awesome strategy because very little is known about the full capabilities of an expert zangief player becuase no one is really an expert zangief player. dude crushed the competition of about 900 ryus, 50 kens, 36 chun lis, 4 guiles, an e honda and half a blanka. dude brought the sick counters that made zangief look graceful - no one expected what they saw outta zangief.”

I wondered if anyone saw or remembered this Tournament and new more details to it. Sounds dope…

Lol :smiley:

this is a bait close this shit

what a jump. 900 ryus to 50 kens? hah

Most WW tourneys in the golden age ('99 BABY) got >1000 attendees.

You must be really young if you think the golden age of SF was 99. And WW was in 91, I’d say 91-94ish was golden age.


WW in 99 ‘the golden age’ rofl

I’m disappointed in you both

it was me. it was a tough victor but i show everyone the true guts and power of zangief… COMRADE!!!


it was ultradavid wearing a Q mask

s-kill told me all about this at evo, he was “layin’ down the law” you see

Did he do the moscow dance with the ex-president afterwards?

So does anyone know who this person was for real? This Zangeif that won?

Oh my.

I heard this one time there was a 3S tournament at JSU (Japan Super University) where a blind guy with only a thumb and a ring finger on his right hand won using Twelve. He beat like 460 Yuns and 60000 Chuns that day.

I was the half a Blanka

… Actually, I heard at Evo 2008, this Korean guy who had never ever won an Evo before placed 1st in TWO EVENTS even though he had barely practiced at all, had a final MBA presentation and exam surrounding that weekend, and had started dealing with an ongoing family crisis not long prior to the tournament.


I was the cab

Yeah you love getting used and played