Zangief's answer to the unblock-able Ultras

I’m just wondering if anyone has tested or figured out how to deal with this technique.

Against Sagat you can simply let the fireball hit you and then block after, but does anyone know how to get around Ken’s and Rose’s? Gief’s Ultra isn’t useful for trumping these.


You DO kinda have this really awesome move called Banishing Flat… that has invincibility on start-up when given the EX property. Kinda goes through fireballs / will beat most ultras… idk if it beats Sagat’s or not at that range, but I am being lazy, test it out.

unblockable ultras? I’ve got some catching up to do…what is it?..beyond the obvious description…

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Something that needs perfect timing that can only be done in training room. In a actually match - you would not have to worry about it. People just get bored and it’s something new to figure out.