Zangiefs BnB made easy

Cr. lk being changed to one frame is pretty hard to get used to and I’m still practicing to get 3 cr lk -> EX GH at 95%.

However, I thought I would share what I found as a good intermediate step to the 3 lks BnB, and a great tournament substitute if you fear dropping a link.

I realized that after a jump in splash or knees it feels much easier to start the combo with a cr jab and follow with a cr lk and then a st lk. The cr jab is great because the timing for the first lk off of the splash vs off of the knees is slightly different (as if 1 frame follow ups were not hard enough). I recommend starting with jab to make all of your combo timing more fluid as it is easier to combo lk off of cr jab and cr jab tends to give you momentum going into the combo. Also, finishing with a standing lk gives the new 1 frame link much needed rhythm and is already part of the buffer for the EX GH cancel.

I know this is relatively simple and probably used by many Giefs, but I thought I would share it. The difference in tick ability/damage between this easier BnB and the simple 2 cr jabs, lk ->EX GH is worth it.

My execution is totally ass so the new 1-frame is pretty much out of the question for me. I’ll give this a shot.

I swear, adding that extra startup frame to was an extremely silly thing to do.

I really dislike that type of poking combo, I honestly just don’t use those and prefer just short set of combos with different variations for mixup.

but I guess I’m alone in that type of fighting, or maybe fighting too low tier opponents to be forced to use these combos :stuck_out_tongue:

i am trying to figure out how to get decent damage. To me it seems like starting anything off with a cr.lp is not worth it, because it does no fucking damage at all. i would probably go with 3 to a st. lk and i would plink the fuck out of the . but also, cr.lp ex hand seems to do decent damage or even . cr.lpx2 to st.lp ex hand seems decent but i will put out some numbers because we need to get our damage back. iam looking for combos in the 200 damage range without a splash.

i don’t know if it’s a one frame link but i know you can do cr.lp to close to ex . hand but it seems like a pretty tight link. does anyone know what kind of link that is ?

Not comboing with some lks is out of the question, because our opponent will just hold up and back and we’ve just become T-Hawk.

who were you refering to?

cr lp to close st mp -> EX GH isn’t a great BnB because up and back avoids ticks and doesn’t put you into the combo unless you just throw the EX GH out during the block string.

oh ok, i see what you mean but i wasn’t really using that as a basis and that’s why i said that last. But i think cr.lp damage out put doesn’t seem to be worth it after two crlp … i mean, it cr.lp scales so badly that it would be only pratical for mix ups purposes. I know is a one frame link now, but plink allows it to be a bit easier. I don’t know how much easier, because i just have started practicing that 2 days ago. i would think that cr. lp crlk x2 to ex hand shouldn’t be that difficult because of how easy it is to hit confirm lp.

or these

cr. lp cr. lk ex hand cr.lp ex hand

cr.lp cr. lp x2 ex hand cr.lp ex hand

cr.lp cr.lp st.lp cr.lp ex hand

what do you think of these?

um doesnt c lp c lp c lk ex hand do like 220 damage? whats wrong with that? i mean as a hit confirm of course

another hti confirm can be c lk s lk s lk ex gh or c lp s lk s lk slk ex gh

iv done a c lp c lk s lk s mp as a combo on a non hit then throw a s hk or just wait and see what they do after

sometimes im close enough to spd after the s lk

Too many lks can be bad in a block string, because it leaves your opponent with 3 frames in between each blocked lk (unlike in vanilla) and we all know what someone can do in 3 frames… SHORYUKEN!

ok so after two cr. lk is anything after that unsafe on block ? or does it depend on what you start it with ?

After one lk you are technically unsafe against 3 frame start up specials, suck as SRK.

It was never safe because it was never a true block string. Anything that’s not a true block string, people can mash SRK out of. But he can’t punish you for a blocked So if you don’t through out another move while their SRK comes out, you block it. But if he’s mashing out SRK and you’re through out a, you’re going to get beat.

I’m pretty sure it was -2 on block in vanilla but now it is -3. -2 is safe against SRKs. is +1 on block. That hasn’t changed. But the start up is now 1 frame slower. I don’t think you understood what I was saying. It’s safe as a stand alone move. It’s not safe as a block string because it’s not a block string, it never was. It was +1 on block and 3 frame startup in SF4 leaves 2 frame gap. Now there’s a 3 frame gap.

Sorry for the bump.

I posted this question elsewhere, maybe it can get answered here. But I’m looking for a “rhythm” i can use to get the bnb down more consistently. I can get it at about 20% on a good day the cr.lpx2 ~ XX EX GH. I have Rogs bnb down to 90 percent using a rhythm like this. [tap, tap (.) tap, tap]. This doesn’t work for Giefs combo cuz you have to press the buttons faster than rog does to actually get the normals to combo. Does anyone have a “rhythm” they can share? x3 rhythm would also be helpful. I was never able to get that even before the cr. lk “nerf”.

OR if anyone has there hands taped on the tube, that could work also.

I think you gotta get your own rythm man, its like dancing. In that case I am sorry if you are white.

Im white and that hurt… cuz I cant dance. Might I recommend playing rock band drums? Ive always wanted to drum and its the next best thing. I can handle expert mode so now I have some fairly good timing.

White people got rhythm, I mean look at Peter Gabriel. I agree, Play those music games and they will help alot.

hey i have a weird question… what is ex green hand, when it only hit’s once? i mean, i’m pretty sure that happens to alot of gief’s like what could we do or don’t do or is it totally unsafe like a regular green hand