Zangief's Crossup game

Zangief has a few moves that he can cross-up on like jumping mid kick, jumping splash and jumping double knee.
Ive watched some vids of various pro zangief players and some use it alot on knock down others never use it. So is it a viable strategy to abuse like gens, sakuras, c.vipers, ect?

yes, but 1) you can’t be predictable 2) if you don’t have good timing/good positioning for it you’ll lose all your momentum as its countered 3) sometimes you have other possibly better options

Just like EF with the splashes on wake up, there are counters to those, if you just do that al lday you’ll get reversed and it will hurt. If your tmiing is off on Ryu/Sagat you eat a full ultra combo without them even having to use meter (taking the dmg of a jumping short whirls finger around in circle)

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Definitely agree with 2 and 3, but if you do it right you can get the same crossup to work 100% of the time. Your damage output won’t be as high as it could be without mixing an empty jump or non-crossup in there, but can you be predictable with it? Absolutely, and at no cost but opportunity cost.

true true.

What I’m interested in though with regards to cross up, is finding ways to not be obvious to anyone who sorta knows gief. to combo off he knees, you need to be ‘deep’…so its fairly obvious to me at least that if Gief goes for knees on cross-ups to just punish with my reversal (assuming I’m not Rose :bluu:)…hell even if he blocks and SPDs me afterwards I did more chip than just letting him go for Atomic suplex/SPD, and I built meter. If I see Gief do a splash, then blocking the cross-up portion is a bit easier to time, and the window for reversal isn’t as tight either (at least from what I’ve visually seen).

Is it just a matter of perfect timing/spacing, or is it just “Gief is predictable” heh.

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