Zangief's going to evo 2010 and what's your goal there

So who’s going to Evo.

I got my tickets yesterday so I will be there. My goal is to get 2 wins in the winners bracket and 1 to 2 in losers but we will see.

Man, I want to go so bad. But like every year, I can’t afford. And If I can afford I lack preparation. I might be able to go next year but by then its gonna be mad hype for MvC3 and MK9. Assuming they live up to the hype. I think by that time SSF4 might be the underdog game.

Is your AV a victim of the recent disaster caused by your evil company. Better watch out, Obama gonna git yo azz.

I doubt I’l lever go to EVO, not good and won’t ever be good enough to compete…and it cost too much to go just for the social atmosphere. I wish you the best though. We need Gief to get some noticable "W"s

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I will be attending EVO/Vegas for my first time flying out of Tampa, FL. We and Orlando have had a decent scene going since SF4 launched and I’ve been playing Gief since day one. I have one major tourney under my belt previously went to FR X13 a few months ago and had amazing time meeting new people and lvling up, and I did alright for my first time placing 33 out of 250. I want to represent Gief and hopefully make an impact, I had a couple hype videos at FR13 (hopefully I can get the dvd soon).

I hope to meet you out there BP Amaco I have respect for that guile getting owned by your vortex. I need to get some matches in with you on live soon to get some more tips on that matchup.

Too expensive for me to fly from London just for evo. I do want to go though, so if I get some results in poker soon then I’m there. If I go my goal is to win!

good luck bp, but i think you should set your goals higher! get that killer mentality

I’ll be there vegas is only a 3.5hr drive from where i live! Signed up a few months back but dont think i’ll last long lol…:stuck_out_tongue:

it would be awesome if a cantona, itabashi, kog, etc. went and showed us how a world class gief would fare. i imagine they’d do pretty well. i hope we get to see at least one gief place high. bp, u gotta rep that gief for all of us bro. good luck man.

BP aint gonna place shit… all that random shit he does only works online to get 20 million Bp’s… that random shit gets mauled live by any half decent player

I like where this thread is going.

I guess 9th in front of damdi and tieing with marn at a major mwc this year doesn’t mean shit to you Or leading my sf4 team to 4th place at frostys the first major of the year doesn’t mean much to you. But I sort of aggree with you if I place top 128 I would be very happy.

You should only be happy with first place!

meh guy just jealous :arazz: , if random gets you the win is the same , win is win

No disrespect but you have never played against bp amoco, so you wouldn’t know how random he is . I’m not saying i’m a 1000% solid but for the most part i’m. Bp amoco just does shit just to do shit. I mean, put it like this, i used bison and did only headstomp and won… so, if that’s a testament to his actual game knowledge then yeah, against good players that shit won’t work. He get’s away with alot of bs online he doesn’t have a solid gameplan when he fight’s it’s just… random the guy out anyway possible just to squeeze a win in . I’m sorry but i can see why hyperblast doesn’t respect him and his style of play.

For the record hyperblast is waaaaay better than him, for a matter of fact wutongshu, IFC ZANGIEF, hyperblast and zangisrk are the only Giefs online that don’t spam shit just to spam it, they have legit starts and are smart players most of the other gief’s on here are honestly ass

Give me a break here final I thought we were cool. I could go into how i was drunk when your bison played me and how you have yet to beat my hawk with your gief but what good would that do. Also Just cause you have played me online in casuals doesn’t mean that much tourney play is different. What’s the highest you have placed even at a local tourney. If you think your going to do better than me at evo this year great i hope vangief or IFC show up and kick ass but all Ive heard is people talking shit about my play style who don’t have the balls to show up at evo. If your better than me go to tourneys and prove it.

People hate. Yes those are the only 4 good Zangiefs currently in the US right there…c’mon dude. lol

dude, don’t lie man, i have a replay of me beating your hawk so, no neeed to go there. Wow, it’s a good thing i saved it lol for moments like these’s .i actually saved it, to show how much you buffere command throws and dp with hawk. I was just stating the obvious. I never said, i was better than anyone, but you do play a really reckless style and i have seen your offline tourny vids and it’s the same play style. I’m not talking shit, it is what it is man, truth be told, so don’t take it the wrong way. I 'm not the only gief that thinks this way about your style so chill out.

I’m cool with you, but at the same time, i don’t hold back anything that’s just the type of person i’m. I don’t like to start shit with anyone but seriously dude, you do play like that man.When people critique my style, and say this and that i just take the good and learn how to get better that’s all. No need to be getting all pissy brother man.

I mean, did you forget to read the part where i said …ONLINE LOL … i never said solely in the US, PLEASE DON’T GET IT CONFUSED.

I’m just sayin’ shit but really, this is dumb. We all know online doesn’t matter anyways. Its sort of contradictory to say no disrespect and then to call everyone here ass spammers…it just doesn’t make sense. Have some confidence or respect.

I just don’t understand some of yall. BP is talking about going to EVO to rep and then people just hating cuz hes “random”. He didn’t even say he was gonna take it all or anything. I couldn’t even tear down random Gief noob that was happy to go to EVO. Just chill man, BP is going to EVO. We all main Gief here, wish him luck or don’t. The Gief boards are already the worst and most abandon thread in this forum, why we gotta hate on each other. I mean really, you actually saved a random replay online so you could bring it up in the future if BP ever thought he was good? Malicious hate.

My man RK was right “Can’t we all just get along?”

Much love to all the Gief players. From Lariat masher to Ita-pro, good luck and put some wins up for all of us that aren’t even going to EVO.

Edit: No beef. Respect even for the haters.

FINAL , men if the guy gameplan is just random the fuck out of hes opponent to get the win and he DOES then its cool , no need to hate on him or bring up things like you won by just doing headstomp that just make you look bad and i never played him but ive seen good comments about him around here and yes whe all saw those random running grabs video.

Btw bro ive been msg you sometimes when i see you online to get some matches , im not playing that much and when i do ive been trying to get another main so now that i see you play bison is another reason to bother you more hehehe as im interested in learning him.