Zangief's ultro moves


Sorry can’t ever learn the technical terms in these games, so I guess it is called Ultro Combo or something… In Street Fighter IV.

I’m trying to do the double 360 spin for Zangief’s ultro moves, and I keep jumping! It’s terrible. I can do a single 360 spin and get it down any time, but double is too much. I heard something about using the spinning lariat?

Any help would be wicked!


you have to hide the first 360 in an action other than standing/walking. this can be a normal (careful with waiting for hitstun), dash, jump, blockstun, green hand, etc.


Several ways to do this.

  1. Jump in on them and buffer the 720 as you’re flying to the air and hope to god you don’t get AA’ed/they don’t backdash, because jumping in without attacking is generally a pretty big giveaway (although I’ve never tested this but you could probably land a last second midair normal then start the buffer and have the ultra come out just as hit stun is ending, would work much better).

  2. Buffer it in a normal/special (preferably a normal as a special typically has longer recovery). So basically use a jab or mp, lk, mk, whatever, and while that’s active start buffering the 720 so that it finishes as the normal recovers. This can also be used to execute a walking 720, where you buffer only the first 360, starting and ending at forward, and hold forward afterwards to walk towards your opponent, then when close enough do the other 360 and the ultra will come out. Walking 720s are VERY hard, so ignore them for now.


I think this says enough about this topic.


Ah, thank you guys for the help! I’ll try all of those techniques out tonight.

Sorry, Lan Di, but I try to learn these things but they’re all goofy long names. Like some games call super special moves “desperation moves” other’s call them “Ultra moves”, and I can’t keep up with all of that stuff.

Sorry if I got “ultra” and “ultro” mixed up, I do that sometimes. Unless I’m misunderstanding you, then you could explain what it says about this topic?


Again, there’s Lan_Di being a pretentious jerk. You really should cool down little buddy!


The instant I see anything on SRK except the regional boards I fly into a driven rage. I blame the internet.


Anyone know’s how to do Dustin Wang’s Rufu Ultro combo?:sweat:


You could say this thread grabs people the wrong way!


Yeah, do a crouching backflip FDAC dive kick.:karate:


Learning how to use the ultra immediately out of block stun animations has been the hardest part for me…that and the DashIn Ultra as well…watching my friend freak the hell out while i punished his blocked rekkaken with an ultra was priceless though…so i keep working on it.