Zazz's Art Heap

well here goes . . . i’ve long been considering making a thread here, but feared my soul would be crushed under the weight of the realization that i suck at this compared to the artistic giants who stroll about this land

but rather than wallow in fear, i decided to just get it over with.
i can only improve, right?

so here’s some of my most recent art-ness:

also i have a website! (click plz)

winces as he presses the Submit New Thread button

Don’t worry guy, there’s not alot of assholes around here atleast none that I’ve noticed. Besides your art is good you got a nice colour sense. I think my fav is Mr. Squid man, really cool image. Keep it up.

Post up the wiremaster one Zazz, that one was one of your best. Robo-Ky in the rain too.

<~~~ ZAZZ’s #1 FAN


thanks for the encouragement

couldn’t post my latest due to srk being down

I agree with DZ, you have a good color sense. The line work is pretty good as well. It’s very stylized. Good job and dont be afraid to post more.

fog not included

It’s Zazzarius!

welcome to SRK Fan Art… generally this is a friendly place. Ppl here are nice, albeit prone to giving one-line responses. If you want more in-depth crit, you’ll usually have to ask for it when you post.

cool pics as always :slight_smile:

I like his stuff, but the main problem I find with Zazz’s stuff is that it’s very loose. Like many joines or parts of his anatomy seem like noodles than skeletal structure. I have always loved your colouring, I think it’s spot on, and when you do your more mechanical characters/drawings they are very impressive.

But I really don’t know if I’m just a person who just can’t appreciate something different or if there really is something that needs to be improved. Other than that, good job sir :tup:


I really like the first one with the trench coat guy.

Your coloring is totally on point :tup: .

to: vicious slash

I totally dig your art zazzarius. I love the coloring job you did on the robot/knight with the sword…the texture is awesome, you can “feel” the metal!

What orangecat says is true, your anatomy is a little loose (but that usually fixes itself the more you draw…at least thats what I’ve been telling myself… eep!?), however if thats not what you’re into, then forget about it and specialize in what you like =)

Keep up the hard work.


Sorry, this is off the subject, but anyone know what anime ViciousSlash’s avatar comes from? (are they called avatar or sigs?) just wondering…I was looking for some cool anime to watch

Samurai Champloo. That character’s name is Mugen.

The thread in the GD for it.


Man your coloring is off the hook!

Your drawings ain’t too bad ethier.

The pic with the bllod and sword and stuff is creepy-f’in-tastic!!!
You don’t happen to be a Salad Fingers Fan by any chance?

Welcome to to Shoryuken!

the good response made me draw that guy again!

trying something a little different:

Super creative angle, you get :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: thumbs up.

zazz that is some real fine lookin shit you got there. keep up the great fkn work


hooray for the cute monster-slug-seal-leech-yoshi type thing!