Zbattle Tournament

Please go here for details: http://www.gamers-nest.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=81

This is being set up by fatherbrain. I know how much you all love him!

I know why he picks sf2, people dont do it. ITS A TRAP FOR YOUR EGO! I wont participate because I have to much stuff to do, really. You should try FBA in the torny, that I could get into.

Can’t have a tourney if the server is down. Because right now its down.

Brain here. Semi’s out at the moment. Anyway, you CAN have a tournament just fine, because zbattle isn’t needed to play online.

We just have to input the opponents IP and still be able to play right?

Sorry, I goofed. We aren’t actually going to be playing using zbattle. Just going to be using zSNES to play IP to IP. Again, I apologize.

Street Fighter 2 super latest whatever edition, we should have one.