Zbattle: where is everyone?

so ummm for the first time i was able to use zbattle last night. I tried to use it 2 yrs ago. but could never get it to work. I decided to give it another try last night now that i have a new router and i must say i’m extremely surprised. I didn’t notice ANY lag at all. Wake up dps came out flawlessly and i never missed a move. Only 2 problems though: I need a stick ( i can fix this problem on my own) and not enough people are playing SF. I’ve played 3 people so far. 1 guy from holland, who is pretty good and 2 other random people who dropped on me. so who’s down to get games in tonight?

all the action is on kaillera, lots of people play ST and CE.

Sup CaliAgent,

I’ll look for you this weekend :karate: It’s nice to see new blood on the Z scene…as to why more guys on srk aren’t on here shakes head

Kaillera is fun & all, but there are times when you just need to play lagfree…and I’ve even played with a ping of 9 (cali server) and it still paled in comparison to Z. Most importantly SSF2 on Zsnes = Hyperfighting Plus :wink:

why play on kaillera, when zbattle has no lag

i already said lol, more people play on kailera.

What games do people play on there? This unoticable lag thing has me interested.

That, and it’s the only option for arcade none snes games.

How dare yu say that!? SSF2 can only be called Hyper Fighting Plus if Blanka can land on your head with a ball - and last I checked, that doesn’t happen. :frowning:

Now, If only I can get my Z to work again, I will look you up Caliagent, and we will do battle and have some tea afterwards.:wgrin: