ZD Arcade Control Encoder And ZD ReMatch (PS3/PS2/PC) (The most cost efficient PCBs to date!)

I don’t know if this is well known or not but i didnt see any threads mentioning this so ill just post everything here.

Zero Delay Arcade Control Encoder

The Zero delay is the most cost effective encoder option available. It is plug and play, lag free and very compact. (8.5 cm X 3.5 cm X 1 cm)

The Zero Delay board comes with:

[]USB Cable
]4 Wire sets for joystick.
[]8 Wire sets for 8 buttons, or 12 wire sets if you want to upgrade.
The Zero Delay also has these additional features for those that wish to utilize them:

[]Hat switch for secondary joystick, POV controls, or console style gaming controls
]Autofire option
[]Rapidfire option
]5 pin port for Japanese (Sanwa) ports


Q: What method does this board encode the controls?
A: Controls are encoded like a gamepad.

Q: How do I hook up the controls?
A: one end of the wire plugs right into the board port, the other end connectors into the joystick or button switch. The included instructions will let you know what each port maps to. The terminals will fit up to .187 size terminals, which is the most common size for arcade switches. If you have switches that take the larger .25 terminals, you can either soldier on the terminals or crimp on new connectors.

Q: Have these boards been inspected?
A: Each board was given QC initials. Also, I have personally plugged every board in my PC and determined that it registers correctly with the PC. I have also visually inspected all the wires and boards.

Q: How should payment be made?
A: I am set up for Paypal. If you are interested in purchasing, send me a PM.

Q: Is this compatible with PS3?
A: I have had a chance to try it out, yes, it worked great. It should be great for fighters!

Q: Does it need special software?
A: It uses the standard joystick drivers on the computer, no software needed!

I’m sure you all are dying to know the price by now, this thing only cost $14.75 SHIPPED!

I personally haven’t had a chance to FULLY test these out myself but so far they’re holding up as promised. The main thing i wanted to test out on this is to see if optical joysticks work with this thing. I haven’t had much luck but they’re several VCC points on the PCB so someone else who’s more hella tech savvier can test that out themselves.

Im not sure if im allowed to link to other forums to where you can buy it, so if you’re interested in this and want to talk to the man himself thats selling these send me a convo and ill link you to his thread…or better yet just google it and and im sure you’ll get a direct hit…lol

Again, this is compatible with PS3 and PC ONLY! sorry Xbox 360 heads. You lose out once again…blame Micro$oft.

Just wanted to let those in the dark know whats up. If you have any question feel free to ask.
That is all.

Fuck it.


holy crap 15 bucks, you know i am gonna get one of these, amazing.

nice, i’d pick one up…

Looks sweet, those wires aught to make it pretty easy to hook up in an empty box. Looks like their 5 pin connector is the same as the TE uses; does it come with a cable to connect a stick to, or will they need to get a JLF-TE or similar cable?

What’re the four spots on the far end?

that does look like the same 5 pin connector. Does anyone know the exact name of that connector, I have been looking for awhile.

JST brand for sure, I think the model is XH.

JST XH is the equivalent.

Thanks guys i appreciate it.

This’s the same thing,right?

More questions if you dont mind:

Where’s the spot for a Home button?
Does this work on backwards compatable PS3s? (PS2 games played on a 20 or 60 gig release model PS3)

Looks like it, but the auction says it has .110" QDs instead of the 0.187" QDs listed on this one.

looks like it.

No option for .110s?

On a related note, how hard is it to get rid of the connectors for the buttons altogether so one can just solder direct to the board. Also, it is common ground right?

I order from this guy before and He’s legit. He had a lot more nice stuff before,like this cylindrical yellow top.


I believe they’re both made by the same company,But I prefer this guy’s 110" QDs since I’m using Sanwa/Seimitsu for most of my Sticks.




If you don’t like the connectors you can just cut them off and add your own…LOL.

also, sadly, there is no home button for this PCB.:frowning:
But it works beautifully on the PS3 tho. Hella smooth and No lag whatsoever.

Do you know how to check for common ground?
(Scratch that, I cant tell for sure from looking at it.)

those cables are JST XH 2-pin connectors.
If you plan on buying this thing you can buy as many cables as you want here.

Where did you buy it from?Can’t one of those 8 empty spots on the right side be the home button?


click the banner at the end of the first post it’ll take you directly to the thread where i got it from.

Debating on how much I actually use the home button on my stick…

Might grab one of these.