ZD Arcade Control Encoder And ZD ReMatch (PS3/PS2/PC) (The most cost efficient PCBs to date!)


Only thing I don’t like is the macro feature, but then only scrubs rely on it.

Very good value product you’ve created here.


can you confirm it works with KOFXIII? :slight_smile:


Seeing as this is just a device used to tell the console which button is pressed, I am going to take a safe bet and yes it will work for KOFXII as long as you are using the ps3 version.

Also i ordered 1, cant wait to get it. Seems like a nice cheap solution.


Let me go on ahead and make this clear since ive been getting a lot of PMs lately from people sending me their personal information.

I am NOT the guy that sales these. Please read thoroughly and click on the links I have provide to where you can get these from the man himself.

Thank you.


Hello! I would be the guy that is selling the ZD encoders over at the BYOAC boards. Cutwest has been awesome enough to post this thread, so I figure it is about time I get my butt over here to introduce myself and allow you guys to purchase directly from me.

I haven’t quite figured out how you sent PM’s over here, or if there are restrictions for new members on sending PM’s. Feel free to send me a message if you are interested in making a purchase or have questions. I should hopefully have it all figured out soon and be able to respond.



…and while trying to figure things out, I noticed that you have to be a member for 6 months or have administrator approval to sell on this site. I know I haven’t been really directly selling, but I don’t want to get in trouble only a few minutes after becoming a member, so if an admin could give me approval I would be very appreciative. I am reputable over at BYOAC. :wink:


Yo Vigo,

can you please test the board with KOF XIII?
The game has a horrible coding error and doesn’t work with some PCBs/converters.


Sure, I can do that. I don’t own KOF XIII for the PS3, but I can rent it… Hang tight a few days and I will get back to you on that one.


bump for the motherfuckin scourge of carpathia


Hey kikimaru,

I tested the board with KOF XIII last night and it worked fine for me.

Is this just a coding error where I’d know right away if it would work 100% or not, or do I need to do something to trigger the error? I still have the game for today, so if further testing is needed let me know and I will be happy to do so.


The game has an issue where some pads will not work at all.

So if the ZD works 100%, then that’s all we need to know :slight_smile:




Thanks for the bump, cutwest! I figure this is a good time to point out I have these boards up for sale on eBay. feel free to take a look:


I now offer an updated ZD ReMatch and a Playstation 2 cable that can connect to it.

This PS2 feature is only available on this new red revision of the ZD ReMatch Encoder, and the PS2 cable is specially designed for it.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!



is there an analog button on the board for the ps2? Might work great with an Xtokki for a Xbox360 compatible stick as analog is needed for the guide. If not i know the rematch boards have an L3, so that paired with the select button will bring up the xbox guide according to the converters manual i believe. I have the original rematch board it works awesome!


The PS2 plus ZD/PCB is a very good deal!
That will take care of something like at least 65% of us unless we have to have compatibillity across ALL systems…

I’ll keep this PCB in mind since I still have a half-dozen empty shells/partially refitted joysticks to complete.
This PCB/cord/combo might go into 2-3 of those cases…

(Goes without saying, I’d still go with MC Cthulu for my Sega needs… No intention of buying a 360PCB although I might buy a 360 stick and upgrade with a Kitty in the future.)


That’s a good deal indeed. Check your email, vigo.


Has anyone tested this pcb in a hitbox style control? If so was there any issues with pressing down+up or left+right? Or will I need an sodc cleaner from toodles


So does the one listed on eBay come wih the ps2 cable or do we need to request it?


Well, I I am not sure if the PS3 home button functions as the analog button on the PS2 or not. I will have to check with the manufacturer. Unfortunately, most my PS2 collection got lost in my last move. All I have left is Tekken Tag and the Sims, and I don’t think either of those games have any change based on whether or not the analog is pushed, so I don’t think I can test myself. I will let you know if the I find anything out though.


you have to order it separately it’s stated in the ebay page for the board. if you click his ebay name in the corner it’ll take you to a page with the usb/ps2 cable item listing.