ZD Arcade Control Encoder And ZD ReMatch (PS3/PS2/PC) (The most cost efficient PCBs to date!)


PS2 compatibility?! This will make modding projects much more easier and I hope the Etokki Xtokki PS2 to 360 converter works with it! Is it possible to have a PS2 only cable work on it?


Are they currently in stock? And has anyone tried using this in a hitbox?


Does anyone know if the ZD Rematch will work with the xtokki adapter?


Do you have a wiring diagram for these new red ZD’s? They no longer have the PS3 button notation just numbered buttons, and I’m also not sure which one is supposed to be the Home button on them.


Did you order it from me? The diagram is right in the included instructions.


Yeah I bought it from you, the instructions got stuck in the envelope and I didn’t see them.


just sent you a conversation. im interesten in 2 zd encoders. thanks


Thanks for the heads up OP! Just purchased one of the Rematch pcbs to put in the next case I finish.

Now I just have to get a PS3 to go with it… :rofl:
(Waiting for BF to see if there’ll be any good deals on one)

PS3 encoder Ebay?

Anyone know if this works with xtokki’s 360 converter?


I’m so jelly, I live in Canada:
https://blackfriday.bestbuy.com/door busters2/product/6898698/playstationreg 3 250gb bundle

Where do you order these? ;_:
Edit: nvm found it.


It does.


Would this fit inside a WWE SE stick?


The Madcatz one? Sure does.


Thank you. Will have to get this soon.


When will you be restocking?


via http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=116490.0




tl;dr Vigo is gonna stop stocking due to US Postal hiking up international rates (and China being China, I guess)

Anyone find a similar board since?


I guess just gotta find them on Ebay whenever they popup or try grabbing a Mayflash PS2/PS3 PCB since they are modeled like Paewangs.


Yea still need to buy one. There are other sellers on ebay though


I can’t find it, got a link?