ZD Arcade Control Encoder And ZD ReMatch (PS3/PS2/PC) (The most cost efficient PCBs to date!)

How long took you to have it? I might buy it from your source to use on a DC MAS Stick that I have. Great choice.

I placed an order for one on Nov, 6 and I just got it in the mail yesterday (Nov, 9).
but you’re right tho. maybe one of those empty slots can be for home who knows.
(I think the button for home is button 13 but dont quote me on that)

Maybe Toodles or someone else on here who are extremely knowledgeable about Printed Circuit boards can play around with this thing and find some shit that can be beneficial for everyone.

I have this. workes perfect and no lag.

I only said that because when I plug my Hori Fighting Stick 2 with the PS2 to PS3 converter the Mode button act as a Home button on it.


oh damn, let me check that.
Nope, still no home.:frowning:

this looks promising

Yeah, that beats my option that I was thinking about throwing into the mix later. Found a PS3 board here designed for joysticks that’s $12, but I’m sure shipping will kill it for everyone else.

Looks awesome, actually.

Is there any plan for a xbox/pc version?? Cheers and great work!!

And this is why PS3 is superior for stick-builders :wink:

If it had a ‘Home’ button then I would purchase a disgusting amount.

Till then, I’ll stick with Cthulhu based hardware.

My friend brought this Arcade Stick from China as a gift for me and looks what’s inside :slight_smile: (It’s similar but it 's made for PC and PS3.



AFAIK “SiTong” used to make a very similar PCB.

if someone can confirm a home button that would be great.
also speaking of connectors does anyone know what type of connector housing the v3 sa uses or is the same jst xh as the madcatz. I ripeed mine off my pcb but need to know what type it is hahaaha

I have the SiTong one. :lovin:

For the Buttons?
Then would be JST PH.

Thank you buddy is it the same for the joystick connector


Nice PCB, but it’s not the most cost-efficient: http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0334718
$5, also for PS3 and PC, also lacks a home button, but not common ground. It has big easy solder pads.
The review for this mentions input lag but I’ve never experienced any.

I just wanna update you guys to let you know that all your request have been heard and taken into consideration and new boards are currently in the works.
Here is what he told me personally.

[details=Spoiler]Hey Cutwest!

First, I wanted to say thanks for the post over on shoryuken! That was very awesome of you!

I stopped on over there and saw that there was an general census that a home button is strongly desired. I got in contact with the board manufacturer, and he has actually been designing a new board with that function. He is finishing the final product testing today. If all goes as he plans, he will begin production over the weekend and probably have it ready next week.

I haven’t even seen the pictures of his new board, but I am sure it will be quality work. If it is as I understand it, it should come with 13 button wires and the 13th will work as the home button. It will cost more though. I will probably be able to sell it for around $20. I should also be able to give the option of .110 wires for people using Japanese buttons.

Thanks again!

That is all.

Awesome. :slight_smile:
$20 and .110 QD’s sounds perfect.

I wonder why the $5 increase for adding a ‘home’ button…

Regardless, if it’s stable then it sounds like an affordable, easily installed product.