ZD Encoder help


I purchased the ZD encoder for ps3/ps2/PC and I could only find the information on the actual eBay page which isn’t the clearest it could possibly be due to the not-great translation from Chinese.

Any advice on wiring this PCB up for use on all 3 advertised systems would be greatly appreciated.


What exactly are you having trouble with? Did your kit come with the supplied cables to connect to PSX/PS2 and USB?


Yeah it did. The issue I’m having is that I can’t figure out how to have compatibility with both systems (USB based/ps2) as the information I have says I need to plug a button into the ps2 terminal.


I think you’re confused- it’s saying you need to connect the home/guide/mode button to use it on ps3.


Looks like that was the issue :stuck_out_tongue: sorry to ask such a stupid question when it was my misunderstanding :slight_smile: