Zebra shafts coming soon Powder Coating everything Panels/Shafts/screws/butts





The Process of Powder coating =
Powder coating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This just a test run to calibrate my new Powder coating Gun and I wanted to check to see how my the cohesion of mixing colors to get a darker shade of orange This is NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT also it was getting dark outside and I was rushing to test it out, but I must say powder coating is pretty awesome stuff I finally found an alternative to plexi and paint that is so much more durable to scratches with plexi and paint peeling of standard paint it is virtually indestructible right now the colors I have are black,white,orange,red and yellow I still need to order a gloss black as what I have now is matte so I can recreate those black anodized 7-11 straws but do one better and have matching dust covers
so i am offering powder coating top panels for (Rusty Butts too)
all TE’s
I’m open to any color combo and I will also included matching powder coated shaft & dust cover for no extra charge also if you would like your rusty bottom as well I can do it for an extra Lincoln
The dust covers come with foam bottoms to protect your panel from scratches
I hope to have many more pic’s up soon
individual powder coated dust & shaft covers will be
as of right now I"m only have supply for JLF’s,LS40/55?56 but will try to find some aluminum rods sized for LS32 soon
I will consider trades for stuff also




The colors I have are purple,light lime green,Dark Forest green,Pink Fandango, Dark Brown light purple,Deep Navy Blue,Bright Orange,light,Blue,Aqua,Bright Yellow,Baby Pink, Deep Red Matte black and for the Metallic colors I have emerald Rustic blue,Lavender,Silver,light metallic green
For Semi Translucent I have yellow,Orange,Blue and Pink
For Anodized 7-11 Blue,Green,Pink,Purple,red,Gold and my new Brass ones

All covers (minus the Brass and 7-11’s) are sized to fit All Japanese Shaft that includes the previously naked Ls-32 keep your girl warm this winter season. I even have a shaft cover for your shaft cover! with clear polycarbonate for the 7-11’s and the brasses images below
all shafts come with clear beveled dust cover let me know if you see one you like and I will take a close up sorry for the crappy photo’s my camera went kaput so I will try to get some better images soon
oh and all are made from PVC tubing and are not painted or dyed some may look a little ruff from the images but that is not finished product they have to be adjusted depending on what stick they are for

also if you a handful or so of you guys want Mirror or Gold Mirror (bling…bling) dust covers I can
get a hold of some of those too

one shaft and clear dust cover $5 shipped



Here is the link to the tutorial

Hey for all you guys PMing me about shipping quotes just remember I’m not here making a profit I just figured since I’m luck and live beside a 7-eleven I would help out the ones who don’t have the option so I’m not going to the post office to get quotes on shipping straws let make it 3 bucks extra and I will refund you the diff

do they fit on seimitsu sticks?

Wow, you have black straws at your 7-11? I’d be down for 3 of those and a blue. What’s that, $3 shipping plus $4.20 for the straws, $7.20?

Hi, I’ll take a black one if you can cut it down for me. $4.55? Just give me your paypal and I’ll send you the money tomorrow afternoon! :smiley:

EDIT: Didn’t notice the last part of your post, if you DO have a black one, I’ll definitely take it. Thanks!

Yeah I’m not having a lot of luck with the black one but I will check a diff 7-11

as for seimitsu it does not fit the 32 as for there other sticks you need to check the link about the mod

sorry you guys for posting that generic pic of the straws I’m looking for the black one but not sure if its in production anymore but there is a pink one not shown in my pic

Probably not, no one has been able to find them.

I’m the only person with Black and Orange.
They not made for few years now.

oh and you guys who I am selling to I’m going to need to see some Identification of your age because it says specifically on the straw no one under the age of 12 can touch these special straws I dont want anyone dying on my watch :rofl:

is that orange you speak of different than the gold one from the pic?

My Orange to the one in the picture you found and posted?
It looks like Orange I have, because that picture has Black as I have too.

I know that you won’t find any Orange.
You just have the Yellow.

Here I show you mine that I got some year.
I show it with compare to Yellow and Red color.

My orange also does not have the Caution at the end like the new ones.
That is same how the Black goes.

I have all the colors.

Hey Rooster, looks like I won’t be buying from you if the black was really discontinued. Sorry man! :sad:

No worrry’s this is just a favor really not making money just trying to hook my fellow SRK people up

Rooster, I’d love some. Turns out there are ZERO 7-11’s in my state anymore.
Pm me a total for 2 of each color you can find, services for one cut for a single Blue shaft cover, and shipping, and I’ll paypal you quicklike.

Can I get a Red, Blue, and Gold, each already cut? PM me your paypal info and I’ll pay ASAP.

Um. I have like 2 I can go to. Maybe none in YOUR part of the state. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, check your local Mavericks. They carry the same straws. All the ones down here do. Chances are you’ll find some.

I can’t find the straws anywhere near me, so I was hoping I could get some from you…
1 x purple
1 x green
1x blue

How should I slip you the money and calculate shipping? (Maryland)

  • :bluu:

ok guys trying to get all the straws together and get them cut for those who needed it and of course Serg’s is going to take a min he wants the whole set cut and its five cuts per straw so yeah its going to take a hot minute:sweat: but its all good I think I figured a better way to cut them I purchased a pipe cutter which is nice the problem is leaves marks on the tube with the wheel when you turn to cut it but I think I have a solution with some good old electrical tape