Zebrawood Blank Case ***SOLD*** New Video!**


Case is built from African Zebra Wood, hand-rubbed polyurethane finish
Built for PS3 or Xbox360 with (3) 24mm buttons holes on the back
Built for Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32/LS-40
Includes plexiglass top and bottom panels, rubber feet and joystick mounting hardware
Dimensions 9 x 12 x 2.0" (at front) & 2.75" (at back)
The plexiglass still has the protective film on it


Thanks again SRK!!!

I’ve work on Friday at 2:30 to 7:45pm : C

Email sent. Hope it was in time.

The case is now for sale and the first post has been updated with pictures.

Nervous, my sent box isn’t refreshing quickly or it’s not being sent lol. Here’s to hoping it did go through. Sent two others just incase haha (that nervous).

Tim used to live in Aurora, fuggin represent! We responded to your email.

Woa really? Third person now I’ve met who currently lives in California who lived in Aurora. One guy was literally two blocks away from me and I never knew haha.

EDIT: Congrats to the winner. The case is gorgeous. And you’re really damn quick at the reply lol. Had an e-mail made and everything haha. So hats off homie.

TMO, really impressed at your level of professionalism. Kind and courteous even to those who didn’t make it in time haha.

The Zebrawood case has sold.

If you missed out, fear not, we will announce on Sunday another blank case that will be available for sale next Friday the 18th at 6pm PST.

this case is pretty nice! so smooth.

Here is a video explaining our method of removing and installing the plexi glass.

Tim Norris uploaded this video to

Basically, you just need to bend the plexi slightly, ease it into place and then let it un-bend naturally to fill the control panel top. Nice snug fit, no loose popping or overtight bulging.

We wouldn’t want someone to crack their plexi trying to force it in or out.


^ Seems easy enough, thanks for sharing that -

I would have had that :slight_smile:
Love everything you do mate.

How much was this again?

Wasn’t it $110 or $120?