Zelda/Shiek Thread: Because ain't no one showing her love



edit: added a strategy section. which is a work in progress, and will change as the game changes, and people start to learn and use different strats. i’m going to add more shit later though. i’m not even at home doing this at on my cousins comp and he’s kicking me off hahaha

Neutral (6%) - a ball of magic that extends past her palm. comes out at an average speed, but the recovery is quick. it stays out and hits 3 times if it connects or is blocked. it’s a good move to stick out if someones dashing at you. people tend to let go of block to early and eat a hit or too.
F-Tilt (12-13%) - swipes towards the opponent with her hand that is surrounded by magic. and has decent range because of the weird hit box since. when it connects on a grounded enemy they are knocked up and towards zelda. which is not always the case when hitting an airborne one.
D-Tilt (7%) - sweep the leg. zelda kicks her opponent which can result in a sweep. when done against someone who has a high dmg% it no longer trips and instead causes a knockdown.
U-Tilt (11%) - zelda sweeps her hand above her head in an arc, so it is able to hit grounded opponents that are next to her and directly above her. it can smash light characters out that are around 65-100%

Smash Attacks (uncharged-charged)
F-Smash (17-23%) - zelda shoots a ball of magic in front of her that can hit up to 5 times.*
D-Smash* (if hit when she is facing enemy: 12-16%/ if hit when back is towards enemy: 10-14%): zelda twirls around and does a sweep move with her leg that hits in front of her and behind her.
U-Smash (15-20%) - zelda sweeps her hand above her, and hits the enemy with magic that can hit up to 11 times. it is able to hit most characters that are next to her, but for the very short character it whiffs or must be done right next to them. it has a sort of vacuum effect that pulls enemies close to her if they are hit by it.

N-Air (5 hits: 13%) - zelda spins around in magic. stays out for a lengthy amount of time and has a fairly large hit box. has a vacuum effect if they are hit by it, so it will usually hit enemies for all/most of the hits.
F-Air (normal hit: 4%; sweet spot: 20% + smash) - zelda does a drop kick-esque move that has a sweet spot that can smash people at fairly low health percentages. sweet spot comes out as soon as she fully extends her legs.
B-Air (normal hit: 4%; sweet spot: 20% + smash) - same as her Fair, but she kicks behind her (obviously)
U-Air - shoots a ball of fire above her that can also smash out people from fairly low health percentages.
D-Air (normal hit: 5%; sweet spot: 16%) - zelda stomps down. also has a sweet spot which turns into a meteor attack that smashes people downwards (notice a theme here?). it’s hard to tell where the sweet spot for this one is b/c its kind of ambiguous. so if anyone can figure out what the timing is please share it with us.

Neutral B (10%) - zelda becomes enshrouded in mirrors of sorts. she twirls around and can damage enemies that are next to her. but it’s main purposes are to reflect projectiles back at people.
Side B (8%) - zelda releases a glowing red ball that you can move around. travels horizontally, but you can also change it’s vertical direction but it increases at a sloped angle. it can travel for up to a half screens distance away before it explodes. but if it runs into a wall or something it will explode on contact. it does not detonate when passing through characters (unless you want it too).
Up B (6%) - standard recovery move. can cover a lot of distance either vertically or horizontally. although the start up is very slow compared to most of the cast and can be hit during the “cast” time. it can also damage enemies when she first dissapears and when she poofs back.
Down B - turns into Sheik

Her ground game is very solid. She can use her side B as a way to control what the other person is able to do. Learn to use this move! It’s very big key in her game. Her neutral B is very useful when people roll into you. They tend to do that a lot b/c it’s one of the safer ways to get in close. Her neutral B is good bc it stays out for a long time, and hits on both sides. so if the roll on top of you they eat some hits.

If you’re fighting up close her neutral attack is really good. it comes out pretty fast and recovers even quicker. you can pretty much spam this on someone if you want them to back off of you. her f-tilt is pretty nifty b/c it knocks people up and behind zelda so she can follow up with an air attack. her d-tilt can also trip people (if they’re at a low dmg%), so if you get that trip knockdown then a good follow up is a dash attack or an f-smash for some good damage.

i tend to stay away from using air attacks as a means to get in close. but her
air attacks are really good to use if you’re fighting someone in the air or as a follow up attack after launching someone. her U-air is a pretty beefy move damage wise, and can smash people out. the thing is it comes out really slow. her n-air is useful, bc it’s her fastest air attack and deals good damage. i tend to use this the most just because although her F and B air attacks can smash you have to time it right and it’ll only knock them out at higher damages. so if you’re able to knock them out by all means use her f-air or b-air. but as a means to rack up damage n-air is the way to go.

alright well that’s all for now. i’ll add more later. getting lazy and wanting to play

if anyone wants to do the Sheik one by all means please do. and i’ll post it up right at the top for easier navigation. obviously i’ll add in everyone elses thoughts on both their moves, strats on when to use certain things. i don’t ever really use sheik so i don’t feel comfortable writing some stuff that could end up being bullshit.

anyway i think we should figure out a list of matchups that are more favorable for zelda or more favorable for sheik. so depending on certain matchups we can learn to know who is better to use depending on who you’re fighting. i need to up my sheik game because really only learning one side of the character kinda hinders you (in my opinion). i mean if you think about it, you’re only using one half of the characters potential. but i’m not too sure, I heard that sheik got hit hard with the nerf stick.

anyway enough rambling. hope this is somewhat useful. O_o peace


Zelda’s Forward+Air and Back+Air are too satisfying when sweet spotted for the 20% dmg. They can potentially kill Mario center stage at FD at about 60%.


Just her regular jab is good. Bust that jab out when someone gets near you. It has great range and pushes them back a good amount.


Subscribed. I’m working on a movelist analysis, I’ll post it up once it’s done. I’ve played a lot of Sheik in Melee. I’m a little new to Zelda though, so yah, lets all work on something here! <3.


Yeah I’m loving Zelda, I only pick her when I get serious then I switch to R.O.B. to own


Has anyone used shiek’s forward tilt?? You can keep doin some nice combos until your opponent has a chance to DI out of it


fuck yeah all about zelda! f and b air>.>>>> any other air moves, i actually call that move the toe lol :sweat:
any combo vids out already with zelda? i know theres already a falcon one


This thread sucks.

Im in the the process of???




^lovin that av


just wanted to let everyone know that i finally updated this in my first post. enjoy!


good stuff dragonite, kudos to u


If you played a lot of Sheik in melee, be warned her D-Air in Brawl has an angle to it, speeds up, and lasts longer. If you’re not ready for that it’s an easy suicide :confused:


The “Sheik Slap” aka Forward Air also got nerfed to high hell. It can’t even KO anymore unless the opponent is at like, the 170% range.


^yeah, I’m not such a fan of her anymore. The slap owned.


At least all of Sheik’s Smash attacks seem to have gotten stronger.


she still got the dash up smash


added some stuff in the original post.


I find that I really love Zelda in brawl, I have been raping with her mega hard.

Forward B is too good now.


Nope. Shiek got nerfed like lucifer into satan this time.


Im not a Zelda player, but I faced my friend from SC.com’s last night.

HORRIBLE match up for Bowser. Period.

Zelda fireballs are the ultimate keep away, on heavies especially. Juggle the fuck outta them, they can’t dodge ALL of them. In the air, Zelda wins. GGPO, the priority on those airs make Bowser fucking cry.

Only thing Bowser has on her is that she is lightweight, few good smashes(maybe a clean ground down B) and she’s outta here like a Sammy Sosa home run…problem(for Bowsers) is, Zelda can keep Bowser out of his range. VERY well.

Oh I see no reason to use Sheik this game. Nerf bat, up the ass yo.