[zer]'s tseuqeR daerhT


I can do most styles. And stuph.
Request away. You wont regret it.

  • pain


  • master chibi


  • MITH


  • Khameleon


  • Liquid Stone

  • jaysin

  • nokio4


hey guy, you mind if we can see some previous work?




SK??? o_O wat happend to your other name


hmm. shin kairi, huh?

never heard of ya!

uh oh, he’s legit tho.

sike nah, i’m playing.
good luck to you man, you always make good work. :slight_smile:


Hmm… can you make me a Geese av?.. be as creative as you want:D


If that’s you SK, then I’d like the avatar I requested from you yesterday, with the sprite I gave you.



Leona and her sexah ass eh? Np. ^_~

@ pain: Expect it today as well.

@ OMS: Why thank ya. =)

@ TMT: Just a change for now. Needed some freshness.


could i get a tag with one of your sprites in it, preferably some fighting game sprite, but anything will do, i give you complete control, just have my name on it somewhere.


Ok, gotcha.


Thanks :D!


Wicked… Thanks :slight_smile:


@ M.Chibi - Expect it like, 5 2maro.

Keep the request coming. And MITH, you got a special exclusive (a Amingo sprite straight from MvC2). Hoohah.


Hmm your good…


Can u please make me SRK avatar?

I want it to have a pic of megatron in it.(megatron from my avatar now, it can be a different pic of megatron)
Can u also please have the matrix green letters going down the megatron pic. If possible,can u still keep the spinning decepticon logo on it.
Thank u in advance.:slight_smile:


Send me the gif of the spinning symbol, and I can get started.


yo can you make me one of those any style will do and can you use the character guile please thanks


Hey is that really a SvC rom??? :confused:


wowiez… I wanna see more so im gonna request D=

Could I have a Strider avatar?.. all I want is that cool mysterious look to it.

Go Crazy.

… not like you are already O.o hehe…


yo can you use this gif.