Zero after a TAC

I don’t know if this has been brought up yet and I’ve known it for a while but I’m not really sure what’s going on and neither do the people I do this on either. But after a TAC and you tag in Zero, if you do j.S followed by Sentsuizan that hits otg (I do the H version), it causes a hard knockdown which allows you to add a bit more damage then go into Rekkoha. I’m not entirely sure how it works but it works pretty often as long as there’s an Up TAC somewhere in your combo, doesn’t matter if Zero is the next character up or if he’s anchor and comes out second. I’ve seen it occur a few times with a side TAC or a down TAC only but it doesn’t seem as consistent and Sentsuizan will hit otg and the opponent will roll as normal. Any one care to experiment and shed some light on this?

Whoa whoa whoa, does this give you enough time to charge a full buster? Because that means lighting loops off TAC’s late combo.

Also what?

That never crossed my mind, but I just tried it right now and there is indeed enough time to do Sougenmu > lightning loop after the hard knockdown of Sentsuizan. If anyone is having trouble understanding my wording or what’s going on, I’ll record it later.

Provided there isn’t so much HSD that they flip out after OTG Dive (before xx Buster).
Then again…Yeah there isn’t anyone that can really push HSD that far pre-TAC anyway. Noice find.

yeah, this "glitch’ was in vanilla too. iirc it only works if you do sentsuizan before you land (and also before they reach the point where you get penalized hsd wise for late otg)

so you could do up/side into j.MM j.S sentsuizan and it’d hard knockdown while giving you time for buster charge. for down exchange you probably have to omit j.MM and add an airdash, or j.M j.S airdash, not sure, too lazy to test.

So you tac in zero, S knock down followed by dive otg xx buster lightning loop? Im guessing you charge buster asap. If soo good find, zero gets more broken everyday lol

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I might start using TAC’s intentionally because of this.

Found out this works even if you don’t go straight into sj S after the TAC. Did sj m, sj h, sj s into the dive. I think as long as you’re quick enough, you’ll get the hard knockdown.

I always do j. down+H and charge my buster during that move followed by j.s > sentsuizan. Just my personal preference though.

After playing with this TAC technology, I found this to be the easiest and most consistent.

i seriously need to start speaking up in these forums… everytime i find something and hold it to myself to bring up later it gets discovered lol… anyway i made a quick lil video so people can see what the op is talking about.


This is my Method of TAC into Zero. @ 2:50
You can Lightning loop after it, but I didn’t in the video.