Zero: Best character in UMvC3?

Hey guys, I was watching the G4TV stream with Clockw0rk, Viscant, and Shady K last night.

Clock and Viscant were asked the question of top team if they had to pick one, and they both picked Zero as one of the three. I think Clockw0rk said he’s a complete character and Viscant I think said for a top overall team, Zero HAD to be on it. I know they talked about other things regarding how good Zero is but I don’t remember most of it.

With that said, I wanted your guys opinion on Zero. Do you guys, the people that actually play Zero as a main, feel that Zero is one of the best characters if not the best character in the game? Or do you all think that those guys are just blowing steam?


He’s easily always been within the top 3 characters of both Vanilla and most likely now this game too with the correct tools. He’s a walking hit box of shit that has TOD’s off everything and if he screws up a combo he can just put you in mix up/pressure that you can’t XF guard cancel out of any way. Unless you have like a specialized crossover counter you have to deal with his shit and if you get hit again you’re definitely gone then. He only really has bad matches against certain characters that can lame out most of offense and even then if he gets in they can be gone pretty fast also.

His execution barrier while not super high is just high enough to keep the average player off of him but pretty much in all the tournaments I’ve seen, I’ve never seen more destruction come from any character in this game than a good Zero.

>Was stupid in Vanilla
>got some HEAVY buffs
>all his bad/even matchups nerfed

I’ll let you figure out the rest

I’ve played Zero since day 1, and I have to say he was easily Top 5 in Vanilla. Even though we’ve only play Ultimate for a few weeks, Zero is looking like one of the best characters in the game, again.

His execution barrier is high like Jin said, but not extremely hard at all.

Shouldn’t this discussion be in the tiers thread? Let’s try to keep the bandwagoners from spreading more…

Hey hey, I hope you’re not calling me a bandwagoner :(. I’ve been playing Zero since day 1 as well. He is literally the reason why I decided to buy MvC3.

Yes Zero is #1. I thought he was the best in Vanilla (him and Dante were pretty close but I gave him the slightest of edges). As Nini said he got better, he is absolutely terrifying.

I always thought magneto or dante were the best, all because of the dhc glitch and their roles can adapt to pretty much any team.

Umvc3 made zero broken, again, why is he buffed?

his execution isn’t high

top 3, would be best if not for some bad match ups

Probably the best again. I can’t think of a bad matchup for Zero outside of dedicated keepaway teams and even then Zero has assists so it’s probably not even that bad.

Zero is the best in 1v1 matchups. In that sense he probably is the best in the game. His only bad street fighter matchup is probably Hawkeye.

However, there are Zero teams that have bad matchups against other teams. These are usually dedicated keepaway teams, usually with Hawkeye.

Just, fuck Hawkeye.

Hawkeye, or Magneto on point with beam assist. And I mean a proper Magneto that isn’t moronic enough to fight Zero on the ground.

Those are the only 2 bad matchups IMO. Taskmaster matchup doesn’t seem to be as bad as it once was though.

Still think Spencer > Zero though overall.

Spencer is kinda hard, Trish can be annoying.

I love the character to death, but I think he is really hurt by his few week matchups, namely Hawkeye and Taskmaster. It’s going to be really interesting seeing how Flocker plays these matchups at SCR.

Zero does low damage so who’s nowhere near top tier :9


This video fully emphasizes Zero’s power. Like… my god Zero’s just killing character’s left and right without even using **X-factor. **

AND building like 1.5 meter in the process.

Honestly Hawkeye is the only problem for Zero. Besides that Zero does whatever he wants whenever he wants. He has the most ridiculous confirms into TODs in this game.

I don’t think Zero is the BEST character necessarily, but i do think he’s definitely one of the top 5. He’s definitely up there with Wesker and Mags, but the Hawkeye and Tasky matches are bad for him.

I still think that Spencer is a little better than Zero, but I agree with Ultimator. Zero is top 5, but not “THE” best character in the game.

Not the best character in the game, as much as I love using him. Can’t say top 5 yet since the new characters have not yet been fully explored. But, his damage output along with mixup game is INSANE. With assists, he has the power to make the opponent simply not be able to play.

spencer definitely can compete with zero in damage… but overall? not close imo

and that sam’s club guy is really bad, drops too many combos. not a good representation of SSS tier zero

I think it’s between him, Viper, and Dante for best point character in the game. Firebrand is getting close with the new BS being found everyday. Viper and Dante need to start showing some results to convince me that Zero’s not the best point character though.

Best overall character though? He doesn’t bring anything to a team except for his amazing point game. If you have to DHC or tag him out he’s basically a wasted slot until he comes back in. I still have him in top 5 for free just because his point game is just that good.