Zero combo finishers help

Currently i finish my combos with; :a2: Spencer Armor Piercer assist, :qcf::uf::h:, Spencer hits, Release Lv3 Buster, :qcf::atk::atk:

In anticipation of UMvC3 i’m trying to find a finish using Spencer that doesn’t rely on the Buster hard knockdown. I’m trying to get the hard knockdown properties of :qcf::m: and :qcf::h: to work so I can follow up with :qcf::atk::atk:.

So I tried; :a2: Spencer assist, :qcf::uf::h:, Jump, Spencer hits, Release Lv3 Buster, :qcf::m:. Even though it hits it won’t knockdown. I think it’s because it only works after a launch not an OTG.

Any ideas on how I can make this work?

You won’t be able to make it work with a single hit assist. You need an assist that hits multiple times (long enough for Zero to hit them with 5.S without actually launching them).

If you want to get anything out of that assist as far as combo extensions go, I suggest you

  1. Learn the lighting loop.


  1. Get another assist that fits the criteria needed to get the launcher in, but is also fast enough to hit them after Spencer leaves (I suggest Jam session :p). So after Spencer hits you’d do jump buster->623L->call assist->5H (holds them in place until assist hits) 5S->2369H (you can replace this part with 62369L->jump buster->623L if the assist lasts long enough to let buster charge for this. With the increased charge time in UMvC3 I doubt it will work though).

UMvC3 may offer new assist extensions though, with specials canceling into buster and all (Ryuuenjin into buster into lightning dive :))

switch spencer to diagonal grapple… call spencer otg dive (spencer hits) clones jump buster lightning loop.

Thanks guys. I came up with two extensions that are working out pretty well so far.

  1. :a2: Spencer Armor Piercer assist, TK Sentsuizan :h:, Spencer hits, :s:, sj.:m:, Release Lv3 Buster, Sentsuizan :h:, Rekkoha.


  1. :a2: Spencer Armor Piercer assist, TK Sentsuizan :h:, Spencer hits, Sougenmu, Jump, Release Lv3 Buster, Raikousen Loop.

I’m pretty sure these are optimized, let me know what you think.

For the first one, if you do the sj.M to buster as soon as possible after 5S, you can lightning dash them, land and TK Sentsuizan them before they land (a little extra meter and damage, and if you’re technical enough to do the lightning loop, there’s no reason to pass up on free hits :)). That finisher won’t work if your combo before it was **really long **though (like if you’re using it as your second assist extension, or if you did it after a combo involving multiple busters). The sj.M to buster stop chainging.

For the second one, you can squeeze out more damage by replacing “sougenmu” with “jump chargeshot->lightning dash->sougenmu.” The lightning dash+sougenmu activation gives you enough time to charge another charge shot.

Likewise, if you ever want to chain multiple lightning loops together, you should try to end your first lightning loop with “TK Raikousen->jump charge shot->Raikousen->sougenmu” once your sougenmu runs out. It’s not really necessary since you can always just go straight to charge shot when your sougenmu runs out for the sake of consistency, but I’m a meter hog and anything I can stick between lightning loops (assuming they’re not already dead) is more meter for me to use later on.

Cool you got help and everything, but please, there’s a ton of info on the combo thread you can read. You can even ask there or see the FAQ which I updated.