Zero Combo/Tech Thread



Let’s get the ball rolling with a combo/tech thread. I made a short video on some of his bnb’s so far but I don’t know anything more damaging/fancier if anyone cares to share:"]


No Zoop Zoop? Can’t he not get lightning loops (into reset) any more after Million Dollars?


i was gonna make another video on dhc’s and resets where we would zoop zoop lol >_>

It would make this video too long if i included the resets imo


The most I’ve been able to get solo with Zero using only one meter is 6,597 and the combo is finicky as hell because it has to end near a corner so F-Splasher can’t wall bounce them OVER you. It’s not what I would go to in a match but I’m working with it to see how reliable I can get it. I’m not a video editing wizard so ye olde notation will have to do:

j.HK, s.LK, s.HK, f.HP, f.HK xx LK Sentsuizan > F-Splasher, dash forward (or backwards if you’re deep in a corner to prevent them from going out) f.HP xx HP Ryuenjin > Hyouretsuzan, dash forward f.HP xx POWER STONE xx Rekkoha, HP Ryuenjin.


  • Rekkoha damage varies greatly depending on screen positioning.
  • Starting with a j.HP will lower the damage by about 550 points. Really you do just as much starting it with a c.LK; j.HP scales our combos HARD in this game.
  • Follow up after Rekkoha is also dependent on screen positioning. Ideally you finish deep in the corner and you get the Ryuenjin, but you can always get a HP Hadengeki or Buster in there (or level 3 if you’re feeling saucy.)


So in MvC3, as well as previous iterations I believe, you were able to map a normal to two different buttons. For instance, on Xbox I used to have light set to X, as well as Left Trigger. This setup would allow me to maintain buster with Zero by holding LT. This is no longer possible in MvCi as you can’t map a normal twice. I play on a standard Xbox One controller and was wondering how I would go about playing him effectively, if it’s even feasible.


Saw this on reddit.


such shitty damage for 2 bars. looks are almost not even worth it now.


Zero has such awful damage… it’s like he’s meant to just do left right mixup. What is he good at?


I mean there’s this


How are you guys charging with him? I really dont like playing with my LK on the shoulder but it seems like the only option with only 1 button mapping. Been just playing Jedah till I figure out a solution.


Been having the same problem. Haven’t found a solution yet either. I wish you could at least set character specific buttons so you wouldn’t have to play both characters with LK on the shoulder button. Either that or just allow double button mapping again.


Depends. If the button I need th start my combo is with lp, I charge with hp. I’m not good with transferring the charge between buttons, so I just limit my execution by just not using whatever button entirely. Yeah that’s not optimal but that’s how I gotta play.

Zero can get 50% easily off a asong as long as you’re charging. Ryuujin basically crumples if you release your charge during it, and easily carry to a corner with it.


It seems that if you release the buster on the limit of the stage zero shoots the buster backwards and you get behind the oponent, so you can crossup like this in the corner, since H Hyenkyaku doesn’t crossup anymore.


zero strider bff.




Im a new zero player and was wondering how do people do: d,d hp into his clone special? As soon as i do the shoryuken his body lifts off the ground and so I can’t do the ult, I’ve been trying for so long now.

Thank you in advance


Try inputting it as d, d + LP, d + LK + HK.

Instead of thinking of it as two separate inputs, combine them because the game still remembers your previous down inputs.


Found this super helkpful vid

if you check the annotations some combos have a part that goes: Launch, jhp, release buster, qcf.lp

This seems to never land for me, any tips?


ty, that made it work lol


When I need to charge I sort of transition into a quick “claw” position after confirming. It becomes a lot easier than you’d probably think. To me having LP/HP/LK/HK on the bumpers feels VERY strange.

Edit: I probably should have explained in more detail what I meant by “claw”. Rotate your index finger off RB/R1 and use it to press the buttons you can’t normally reach.