Zero Dash/Backdash



I was practising the backwards wavedash with zero and suddenly a doubt comes to my mind, so I come here to clean this!
Can zero backdash be cancelled at the first frames with Plink? I don´t know if I´m not doing it quickly enough or there´s some different property on his backdash, because most of times I can only cancel it at the last frames (end of dash animation).
I´m trying this way - Back + L +M, then Plinking L~M…

In MvC2 there´s a property that says that a dash done with attacks can´t be cancelled until the last frames, and a “manual dash” can be cancelled at any time (from the very early frames to the last ones)… Does this still applies or it´s gone?

Maybe I´m slow to plink or zero dash cannot be cancelled quickly…

Hum… I don´t know… Anyone wich can help, please do …lol…