Zero Delay Encoder blocking Kinect? o.O


Hello guys!

First of all, sorry about my english, not my main language.

So, i have bought a custom fightstick for Xbox360, with Zero Delay PCB. It’s works pretty well, no delay at all. But there is a major problem. I use my Kinect to chat, but when i connect my fightstick, the console asume that have a headset plugged, and do not work, even if i go and set the voice option to speakers.

There is any “gurus” in this area?


Where did you find a Zero Delay 360 encoder? I’ve only seen them for pc/ps3/ps2.


From what it looks like there a ZD PCB sandwiched with The Xbox 360 board older Qanba sticks used for their dual mods (before the switch to a single PCB)


Sorry, but i don’t know ;( Just bought.


Anyone? Still in need of help =\


Unfortunately,I don’t think there’s anyone who regularly posts here with that pcb (much less someone who has a Kinect as well), so help is looking unlikely.


The solution easy, stop using the kinect.