Zero delay pcb help


I got some parts in the mail and they included this pcb that has a 4 pin connector to usb but when i insert it into my computer it doesn’t recognize it as an arcade stick like an sf one where you can check the connection for the buttons and such. How could i program this pcb so that it reads it as a device and so that i can check the connections to joystick and the buttons?


No help on the PCB, but with a name like snacktimefightsticks, you are morally obligated to build custom joysticks with snack compartments.


What PCB is this? Post pics or links.



It should just get recognised asa generic USB Human Interface Device (HID), rather than an arcade stick (if you’re comparing a madcatz stick, they have special drivers).

The program Joy2Key is what a lot of people use to set up their sticks - it will let you bind the inputs of the device to whatever keys you want (like the directions to WSAD, etc.). Use that to define the pcb’s inputs, then try it with a game.

I’ve just got one of these in the post, but I can’t actually test it atm.


Many of these cheaper 3rd party PCBs will show up on your PC as a generic gamepad instead of a arcade stick more specifically USB Human Interface Device (HID).
Many sticks uses generic drivers as its cheaper for them and easier on you to install (Plug n Play)


I should’ve mentioned i wanted this to work on my ps3 or xbox… sigh~


That is a horse of a different color


Have you actually tried using it with your PS3? These pcbs should work on it with no problem (other than the lack of a home button).

Xbox360 isn’t going to happen, I’m afraid, but if you were to buy the more expensive version of this pcb (the one with home button, USB and PS2 connectors, and red-coloured header sockets) you could use a ps2 to 360 converter with it.

In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing with my next stick.


When it comes to stick PCBs you often get what you pay for.

If you want PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 all natively out of 1 board go for the PS360+


i got a few in the mail that work for ps3 that are similar to these that i found on google. i’ll upload pics of the pcb later.

This is what i’ve been up to :D. no art yet but what do you guys think? they’re 2 inches tall. plus rubber feet and plexi.
this is how it looks sitting on a regular person xD


1st post: those are pretty cool as well, but I think the “zero delay” PS2/PS3 ones with red JST connectors are the best example.

2nd post: awesome, but wrong thread :stuck_out_tongue: