Zero delay ps2 encoder. joystick problem


Hi. I’m a newbie to this group. I recently received the zero delay ps2 encoder from Ebay last week. The face buttons all work great, but my joystick only recognises the right and diagonal d,r directions. Could somebody help me please??


Try flipping the joystick harness the other way round.


gahrling dude. you are a life saver. it works now. thank you so much


Lol. I’ve been there


Well. its been only 2 months since i have posted anything related to the zero delay encoder. i have now encountered a devastating issue. the ps2 cable is now non functional. the green light on the pcb does NOT show up there for not allowing me to use my arcade stick on the ps2. the usb works fine on the pc. somebody please help me because this is pissing me off non stop.


Well, i got it working. BARELY!! I had to order another zero delay kit from Ebay.

Here’s the link:

Now this is an updated model, which i was happy about. But the ps2 function didn’t work. Even though i connected everything correctly to the PCB. But here’s the kicker: I still had the old pcb, so i used the new cable that came with the new kit and connected it to my old pcb. And guess what? It works!! Yep i couldn’t believe it myself.

I am still pissed off that i can’t use my new PCB on my PS2. ONLY ON PS2, IT WON’T WORK. I tried using the old cable to the new PCB, it didn’t work.
Could somebody help me please?? I am pleased that i got my OLD PCB to work on my ps2 but i want to use the NEW PCB on my PS2.