Zero Delay USB Encoder


I have just ordered a Zero Delay USB Encoder and I am hoping that it will work with my Mayflash F500. Does anyone have experience with this? I have an issue with it seems the PCB in the Mayflash as after adding custom artwork, the two buttons with Blue wires attached refuse to work and I do not have a multimeter to see whether it’s the USB or the connection itself? I am REALLY hoping that it is a straight forward swap as all the Sanwa bits are already in place.

Any advice or help on this would be most appreciated!!

Many thanks,


Can you post a picture of your wiring? Which buttons are not cooperating?

Try this- with the controller plugged in in training mode (or anything else that would show you the input), disconnect the jst connectors for the offending buttons, then use a screwdriver or anything else conductive to touch the two pins that the button completes the circuit of. If the input triggers, the board is good and there’s probably something physically stopping the button’s microswitch from fully actuating.

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Many thanks for the advice, I will post a pic and I will try what you said too. I have in the meantime, ordered a Zero Delay USB encoder and I am hoping to make that work instead, it should be here in a couple of days?

I am hoping the PCB with just screw in as I already have all the Sanwa parts installed!!

Many thanks man.

Is it possible that you swapped a blue wire? Each button gets a signal and a ground, it’s possible you have 2 signals on one button and 2 grounds on the other. And yes, the zero delay will be easy to install if you need to use it.

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Again, I am SO appreciative of your help and the time you have given. I did the green wires to the affected buttons and the turbo LED registered on the non responsive buttons when the blue wires were attached? I think that potentially, the cable connection itself is goosed, just strange that it is only in regard to the blue coloured connections though?

Again, many thanks and the pics were taken before I dissasembled the stick as a reference to how all of it was before I installed the artwork!! I didn’t have any issues when I first swapped over the stock stick and buttons for Sanwa parts, even put in a 4lbs spring and kowal actuator without issue and was up until almost 2am trying to figure this out?! I even dozed off at one point LOL!!!

Many thanks, good to know I haven’t wasted any money on the new PCB, either way it will be good for my experience and good to know I can fix things should they go wrong!?


Try disconnecting all 4 blue wires and touching one metal connector to the other one at a time. See if you get an input that way.

can i ask can i install this on my razer panthera?

will it help improve feedback ?


Sorry for the late reply so you mean just remove the baseplate and have it plugged in to the USB and would it be easier to use the windows test app or, to try and have the Turbo lights react?

Many thanks!!

I am such a doofus, I did as you said in regards to swapping connections in that I had 2 x positive and 2 x negative BOTH on the same button and you were exactly right as ALL my buttons now respond to the turbo function LOL!!! I can’t believe how stupid I am/have been, thank you SO very much!! I feel as though I have completely wasted my money in ordering the Zero Delay USB Encoder and it’s been despatched now too LOL!! I did have one of the Sanwa button tabs snap on me as I removed it to install the artwork so one is arriving tomorrow so not a complete waste then.

But again, thank you for all the help/advice and for your time man, I REALLY appreciate it!!


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No problem, glad to help. Hold on to that zd, you might want to use it later. It’s cheap enough to have fun with, you could make a poverty stick with your old cheap swapped out parts, for example.


Oh, and that tab that snapped isn’t the end of the world, you could solder straight to it or just buy a new SW-68 microswitch the next time you’re ordering parts.