Zero glitch

I was super psyched about buster canceling and was practicing one day when I discovered when you do raikousen and cancel it with the buster before you start moving the electricity will still shoot out. There may be some applications to it like safe anti airs with the heavy one canceled but not really many I can think of. Interesting glitch though

We knew about this since before ultimate came out. It’s not a glitch.

Ah I just found it out randomly and thought I’d share. Doesn’t really make sense that the lightning still comes out though :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh shit make a video about it before Desk does. #FuckDesk

While we did know about it, I have always found it weird that the lightning still activates and travels.

yea my friend plays Ghost Rider and I was hitting him with it safely from full screen and he was full of what the fucks

Lmao, it’s apart of the change list, and there were videos about this months ago.

We did know about it and it’s pretty awesome to use against Weskers that like to super jump gunshot.

in terms of usage i place the M version before anywhere i would normally do a buster in any of my combos. a little bonus dmg and lighting always looks cool.

Is that a glitch @ 4:10?


No, Zero is able to cancel any special move into his level 3 buster, whether it be during recovery frames, active frames etc,